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Pilates Instructor Certification
Mat and Reformer


Smart Workout is proud to offer our premier instructor training and certification program, for Mat protocol, and the use of the Pilates Reformer machine. Our training classes are limited to a maximum of 6 people, ensuring a level of attention to our participants that is optimal and personalized. We welcome you to take a free Reformer class with a Smart Workout instructor, prior to submitting a registration application. Call us at 212-661-1660 so that we can arrange this for you.

Program Overview

The class instruction is 52 hours, given over 4 weekends (8 days), from 12:15pm to 7:15pm on Saturdays; 12:00pm to 6:00pm on Sundays. Additional hours are required for teacher observation (12), self mastery and practice teaching (33), cuing workshop (3), master class (1), partnered homework (12), and apprenticeship (37).

Prior to starting the class portion of the program participants need to complete 20 Reformer classes here, and take an anatomy exam.

The full program takes 8 months to complete.

Tuition is $1450, class manual $60, exam fees $200.

Smart Workout is a CEU provider for AFAA (15 units).

About the Reformer

The Reformer is an extraordinarily flexible piece of exercise equipment, allowing resistance and support for exercises involving every part of the body. Our program gives our participants a thorough understanding of how to use the Pilates Method on the Reformer to develop core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, co-ordination and balance.

The Smart Workout program employs two different types of Reformer machines: the Balanced Body IQ, and the Stamina Premiere XP.

We also employ Reformer accessories: the sitting box, footstraps, poles, foam cushions, gripper mats, spacers, and the Pilates Ring.

General Course Objectives

Smart Workout’s program provides a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and practical experience to enable our participants to learn:

Smart Workout will provide our applicants with the depth of knowledge and practical programming options needed to teach effective group, or personal training programs, to clients of any age or fitness level.

Class Curriculum

Part 1: Foundation – 7 hours

Part 2: Exercises – 38 hours

Part 3: Class Design – 7 hours

Pre-requisites for the program

Applicants must fulfill one of the following 3 alternative sets of requirements:

1. Mat Certified

- or –

2. Certified group fitness, personal trainer, chiropractor, massage / physical therapist / formal movement training in dance or yoga. This group must take 20 classes of Mat or Reformer at Smart Workout during the month before the program starts.

- or –

3. If you believe that you could benefit from, and be able to keep up with the pace of the curriculum, please tell us your Pilates and other exercise experience, and your reasons/goals for taking this program. We’ll arrange an audition with a program instructor to assess if your goals could be achieved. If admitted to the program, you would need to take 20 hours of Pilates Classes at Smart Workout during the two months before the program starts.

All applicants, during the month before the program starts, must read assigned charters in the text "Anatomy of Movement" and take/pass our anatomy exam.

Please note that we can not accept applicants who are pregnant.

Anatomy Prerequisite

The best Pilates instructors have a solid foundation in Anatomy, and in the principles of Pilates. All applicants will be required to obtain and read “Anatomy of Movement” by Blandine Calais-Germain (approximate cost of $30, available through and to pass a written anatomy exam, prior to being able to commence the program.

Self Mastery and Apprenticeship Requirements

A minimum number of self-mastery and practice teaching are required for certification.

Self-mastery has three components: observation, self-practice, and “guinea pig teaching.”

Observation means watching sessions taught by a Smart Workout instructor. Students should start to log observation hours after the class portion of the program has been completed.

Observation is an excellent method to increase understanding of verbal and manual cueing, program sequencing, and to hone teaching skills.

Self-practice and “guinea pig” teaching are:

Self Mastery and Observation hours must be logged and submitted at the time of the practical exam. After passing the practical exam, the next phase is “apprenticeship,” teaching scheduled classes to Smart Workout members.

Reformer Skills Workshop (workshop only option)

If you do not need to obtain a certification, you may register for the workshop portion only (52 hours), and would not be required to fulfill the Observation, Self Mastery, and Apprenticeship requirements:
Completing the workshop would fulfill the CEU requirements for AFAA (15 units).

The tuition for the Reformer Skills workshop is $1300; class manual $60.

Requirements for Certification

There are three components to certification:

Practice technique
Professionalism in execution
Academic knowledge

You must show achievement in all three components in order to receive our certification.

After you have completed the four week Course, you will enter the self-mastery phase, where you will practice and perfect the techniques that have been introduced to you during the Course.
After the required self-mastery is completed, you will take a Practical Exam. If you pass the practical exam, you will have achieved the "Practice technique" prong of the certification requirements, and will be moved on to the Apprenticeship phase of the program.

The Apprenticeship phase of the certification program gauges your professionalism in execution. Criteria for judging your performance during this phase include promptness for classes (there is zero tolerance for lateness); whether you show up for all your scheduled classes (even if you give advance notice of your inability to attend, if you develop too many "conflicts" with your assigned classes, you will not pass the Apprenticeship); how you interact with members of our gym; how you deal with unexpected problems. In sum, this phase will assess whether a fitness studio would be happy dealing with you; whether you would be successful in developing a private practice.
If you pass the Apprenticeship, you will have satisfied the Professionalism in Execution component.

At anytime after you have substantially completed the Apprenticeship, you can schedule a written exam. This exam will cover the material in your Manual, as well as the material in the other two textbooks of the course. Passing the written exam satisfies the Academic Knowledge prong of the certification program

Practical Exam

Teachers will be rated in the following areas:

Grading is pass/fail

Written Exam

The written exam consists of "fill in the blank" questions, and also longer answer or essay type questions. The exam will test the full repertoire of exercises learned, the anatomical description of exercises including major muscular contractions, and a description of imagery you would use with a client to encourage proper execution.

Passing grade is 80%

Policy Statements


If cancellation is made more than 30 days before the course start date, the entire deposit, less a $25 administrative fee, will be refunded.

If cancellation is less than 30 days before the course start date, but more than 2 weeks before the course start date, there can be no refund, but the deposit can be transferred to a different course section.

If cancellation is made less than 2 weeks before the start dates, the deposit is forfeited.
Cancellation after the course has started forfeits the full tuition.

Course Materials

Anatomy of Movement, by Blandine Calais-Germain (can be obtained at, approximate cost $30)

Return to Life Through Contrology, by Joseph Pilates (can be obtained at, approximate cost $20)

Smart Workout Instruction Manual … $60

Our Teachers

Megan Frummer
Certifications and Education:
Stott Pilates Certification, Mat,
Physical Mind Certification, All Apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair
Gyrotonic Instructor- foundation course and all equipment
Gyrosonesis Instructor

Corithium Physical Therapy practice, focusing on rehabilitation

B.A., Magna cum Laude, Macalester College
Student, School of American Ballet
15 years experience teaching on equipment

Ryan Robson
Certification and Education:
Stott Pilates Certifications:
Advanced Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels
Advanced Mat and Reformer

Stott Courses and workshops:
Injuries and Special Populations
Power Based Fitness Circle
Intense Sculpting Challenge

Other workshops:
Pink Ribbon Program—post operative workout for breast cancer survivors

Columbia College, Dance/Movement Therapy Program
8 years teaching on equipment

Gillian Rinaldo
Certifications and Education:
Smart Workout Pilates Certification, Reformer and Mat
Reformer Instructor at Smart Workout
Mat Instructor at All Sport Fishkill
AFAA Group Exercise Certified
AFAA Continuing Education Instructor
B.S., Magna cum Laude, SUNY Oneonta in Psychology and a minor in Biology
Post Bac CCNY in Pre Medical Studies
M.S. of Teaching in Adolescent Education, Pace University, Biology and General Science
Student and Company Dancer, Westchester Ballet Company
4 years experience teaching on equipment

Sandra Partyka
Certifications and Education:
Smart Workout Pilates Certification, Reformer and Mat
Reformer Instructor at Smart Workout
Full Apparatus Certification through PhysicalMind Institute
Tye-4 and Mat Certification through PhysicalMind Institute
Pilates Instructor at Physicalmind Studio
TRX Suspension Training Certified
AFAA Group Exercise Certified
AFAA Continuing Education Instructor
Certified Health Counselor, Institute for Integrative Nutrition

B.S., Fordham University, Business Administration
Cheerleading and theater choreographer
4 years experience teaching on equipment

Class Schedule

June 2013

The dates for the next session are:
6/1, 6/2
6/8, 6/9
6/15, 6/16
6/22, 6/23

Saturday sessions run from 12:15-7:15.
Sunday sessions run from noon to 6PM.

Application Form

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