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Better.TV Oct, 2010
Air Ropes - On Air Segment

better tv air ropes segment

On Air segment
transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

anchor: Okay it's time to get rid of those old work outs and try something different here. Andrea is showing us a new twist on jumping rope but we have no rope. It's all in today's getting fit.

andrea: You know jumping rope is a great cardio and it really gives you a good workout but you trip sometimes, you hit yourself in the back of the neck sometimes and then you just want to skip it. Well there's a new class at the Smart Workout in midtown Manhattan called Airopes and Gillian Rinaldo you've created this class, so tell us a little bit about this jump rope without the rope.

gillian: Well, Power Systems created this great fitness toy where you can actually jump rope without whipping yourself or lashing the back of your arms or tripping over the ropes. You can do the same motions that you with regular jump ropes and also add in some resistance exercises him like lunges.

andrea: I like this because it definitely builds the upper body and shoulders and he's still use the same curling techniques shoulders down and twirl from the wrists right?

gillian: Elbows in, shoulders down.

andrea: Okay so what are the moves you are doing this class cause you don't just spin the wrists?

gillian: hamstring curls, step and bring the heel up,

andrea: nice and this is an nice small group of five or six people doing this together so there's some camaraderie and there's definitely a cardio workout to this as well. What are some of the other moves you do in class?

gillian: stick and bring your arms out then kind of jump rope.

andrea: OK, this is kind of reminding me of back in the day and not to mention my arms and upper right are really working strong at this point. Can feel it all through my shoulders and upper back and it's definitely helping my posture.

gillian: definitely. next move keep your arms up in a "Y" and you're just going to jump rope normally. Keep those feet moving.

andrea: I can feel that toning and resistance. Now you said there are resistance moves you can do these as well so if I didn't want cardio I can still use these as a strength training component.

gillian: you can just hold them by your side

andrea: like that, both upper and lower body connected. Any other ones you got?

gillian: you can take one air rope, lay all the way down the floor and you can do crunches.

andrea: So if you're tired of plain old jump ropes, switch on over to air ropes. And give any health and fitness questions don't forget to ask Andrea at better TV dot com.

anchor: And she's probably working out when she's answering those emails. Thanks a lot Andrea. You can go to our website for more great fitness ideas including how to incorporate our pets in the daily workouts. Go yo better TV dot com and then click on the videos."

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