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Smart Steps article
American Fitness Magazine
July/August 2009 Issue

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Summer is all about energy, verve and spirit. During the peak of this get-up-and-go season, boost your cardio levels to the themes and tunes of your choice at Smart Workout in New York. For those wanteing to add a bit of oomph to thier routine, this gym offers a range of aerobic dance workouts that appeals to all tastes.

Some of the themed workouts include:

"Ballet Burn" to the music of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and the Nutcracker Suite.

"Broadway Blast," where you can embrace your "chorus girl (or boy)" role to the rhythm of 14 Broadway tunes.

"Cheerleading," where pompoms and soft weights are the equipment.

"Wild West," which belts out a soundtrack ranging from Johnny Cash to Reese Witherspoon

"Dance to the Hits" and tackle the steps from the '20s to the present, while doing the Charleston, the Jitterbug, the Twist and Disco, among others.

"Tango," where dance moves zoom in on postural alignment and balance.

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published in American Fitness Magazine July/August 2009 Issue

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