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January 4, 2008 Show
Joan Hamburg Show
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Hear what Joan Hamburg of WOR710 Radio had to say about Smart Workout by visiting archives, then click the January 4th 2008 Show (Hour 1) to play. Or see the transcript below.

Transcript: January 4, 2008 Show

Liz: So I decided to check out a new concept and I think that you’re going to like it.
There is a new gym on East 40th street called Smart Workout. And you know, on this
show and on Mondays on Launch Pad we always feature entrepreneurial stories and this is really a great story of this new gym Smart Workout. It was started-

Daria: Is that on the corner of 40th and Park? Cause there used to be a gym there.
Liz: 40th and Lexington. It’s upstairs. Now you don’t even see it from the street. It’s sort hidden away. And on New York Uncovered we love to find hidden places. So you walk in on 40th street. It’s actually on the 6th floor. But these women wanted to make a change in their lives. One of them was a stay at home mom and her kids had grown up and were out of the house. The other one was a high powered international tax attorney. Neither of them were big exercisers but they knew they wanted to make a change. And one of them, it was interesting, she had gone to a friend’s house in the Hamptons for the weekend and the friend decided to do a party where she invited a bunch of trainers and you know, exercise people from the area to her house and they did private classes all weekend with the group of women. And they had a ball. You know, it was a lot of fun and they got individualized attention. So, these women decided that they were going to start a business called Smart Workout which really was kind of that concept of a cozy home gym with people who you know, very small classes, lots of individualized attention. And that’s what this is. Now, I have to-

Daria: Oh I love it!
Liz: It’s a great idea. I have to tell you when I walked in, I was a little skeptical because
I’m used to big gyms with big locker rooms and you know, lots of services. And you go into this little building on a side street on 40th street. You go up to the 6th floor and you walk into this space. There’s no locker room. It’s just kind of all open. They have private changing rooms. And it’s interesting they have two bathrooms with showers. They’re private showers. Because what they said, which is true for a lot of people, they don’t like to shower with strangers. They don’t like to walk around naked in the middle of….

Daria: I’m in that group.

Liz: Right?

Daria: I’m in that group. Yup. I don’t even like going to, like, Loehmann’s cause
everybody’s getting undressed in the same spot.

Liz: You know? Sample sales… you’re naked in the middle of the aisle. Right?

Daria: You got it!
Liz: So they decided it’s very, very private. And very small. The classes all take place out in this kind of big open space. And what’s amazing, because I go to gyms where you either have to sign up for a class or you have to get there sometimes 20 minutes early and stakeout your spot and run in, you know, to make sure you’ve got the exact spot you need and all the equipment. There’s only 4-6 people in each class.

Daria: Fabulous!
Liz: So imagine, it’s like having a private training. All of their trainers and teachers are
completely certified and you really get a ton of individualized attention. And when you
walk in, it feels like you’re, you know, you’re greeting you friends. It’s almost like
Cheers for exercise. You know, because you walk in and everybody knows your name. They’re greeting you. The classes… there are a ton of classes. They start from 7:30 in the morning. They go until 8:00 at night. And they range from very traditional to very unique. Now, I have to tell you. My friend and I went in. We tried first of all, Face Yoga. Have you ever heard of this?

Daria: Never. What is it?

Liz: Forget the facelift. Forget the botox. There’s supposedly this new thing going
around. It’s actually based on a book that a woman has written called “Yoga Face” and
she’s gone around the country now training people. You know, I’m a little… I don’t
know that this is for me. But I’ll tell you if you’re interested, you should try it. You
Daria: I’ll do anything to avoid a needle.

Liz: To avoid the botox, right?
Daria: You got it!

Liz: You massage your face. You do exercises. You do kind of kissing motions. And
supposedly, you know, we all, which is true, you have a lot muscles in your face and you need to exercise them. So, this is the latest trend and they’re offering Face Yoga at Smart Workout. So we did our Face Yoga. And then it was time for our Pole Dancing class.

Daria: Oh my gosh!
Liz: Are you ready for this?

Daria: Am I gonna see you down at Scores one of these nights? (laughs)
Liz: You know… Can I tell you? I have a whole new respect for the industry.
Liz: Becayse.. oh, we’ve got the music going on.

Daria: We’ve got the music going and everything!
Liz: It’s a good thing this is radio… (laughs) We had so much fun. And it is really hard. It is a great workout for your abs. I mean, this was actually taught by a former gymnast and dancer. And she was in amazing shape and we tried the most basic moves. I’m telling you, I could barely do them. But it was a lot of fun, completely relaxed, we were
laughing. It was a great group of people. Again, only four of us in the class. So lots of
individualized attention and you know, something useful. (laughs)

Daria: Yeah. And you know, the fact is, I think you probably stay with that type of a
program far longer because you’re having fun.

Liz: Exactly
Daria: You’re not just, “Okay, I’m doing something good for myself.”
Liz: Exactly. It’s not sort of painful to go to the gym. Now they do have tons of
traditional classes. I also took a Pilates classes. And I have to tell you Pilates too is the
kind of thing… If you do Pilates and you want to use the machine, you know that
reformer machine?

Daria: Mmhmm.
Liz: Most gyms charge you extra to use those machines. This gym, you go in and it’s one price for the month and you can do anything. And there’s only 4 people in the Pilates class so it really is… And with Pilates you really need to be careful. You know, you really do need individualized attention. So…

Daria: Oh absolutely. You can do a lot of damage.
Liz: Exactly. And this was a hard, hard class. I mean, my muscles got a huge workout. It was a 45 minute class. And I was really exhausted at the end of it. So, we had a great
time. Smart Workout. Now I have to tell you, it’s not for everyone. If you’re used to a big full service gym, if you’re used to, you know, meeting guys there or for… now there are men in this gym. But I have to tell you that the night we were there, it was all women. Although there are men who are members, and I think they probably come more in the morning for the workout. Or they go to the spinning classes. You know, I don’t think they’re gonna do the Pole Dancing class. Although, you never know. It’s a great place to meet women.

Daria: Absolutely! We’re talking with Liz Hamburg here on the Joan Hamburg show.
I’m Daria Dolan filling in. And I think we’re gonna get you sneakers when we come back from the break for that Smart Workout and maybe a restaurant tip as well from Liz
Hamburg. So we’ll be right back.

Daria: Welcome back to the Joan Hamburg show. I’m Daria Dolan filling in for Joan
who will be back on Monday. But I have a Hamburg at the ready. Always ready here on the Joan Hamburg show. Liz Hamburg is sharing with us some great uncovered spots she’s found in New York City this week. Liz, you talked about… give the name of that workout place again.

Liz: I know I wanted to tell you. Let me tell you how to find them too. It’s Smart
Workout. 124 East 40th street. And they’re upstairs on the 6th floor. 212-661-1660. And their website is: Make sure you make it “.net”, not “.com”.

Daria: Dot net

Liz: We’ll, of course, put it on our website on if you need more information. And you know, they also have a great concept for a party. Which is a bachelorette party or any kind of private party. If you want to do a birthday party, they’ll do a whole set of classes or they’ll do a really funny kind of pole dancing thing with all sorts of costumes and things for the bride and her friends. So that…

Daria: What a great idea! Or when you hit one of those milestones like 30, or 40, or 50
or even 60.

Liz: Exactly. And you know, the prices are, it’s around 135 a month for a gym
membership so you know, it’s basically compatible to a lot of the prices going on at some of the better gyms in New York. So it’s not too bad for a lot of semi private work. So that is our Smart Workout.


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