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Club Business International
IHRSA March 2013
Exercise and Exploration Mingle in NYC

"Millions of tourist from around the world make the pilgrimage to New York City to see the sights each year. They return home with wonderful memories and, all to often, extra unwanted pounds - from all of that irresistible Big Apple restaurant fare. Now, a midtown Manhattanfitness facility has come up with a solution.

Smart Workout offers a series of "travel packages" that, in addition to workouts, also include trips to the city's famous landmarks......"
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NY Magazine

New York Magazine, Best of New York 2013 | Health & Self
Portion Control

Downsized fitness classes for the crowd-adverse.

"Airopes TW
Boredom is not an option when your class of four flits between trampoline hopping and balancing on a crescent- shaped stepper, while intermittently swinging a pair of Airopes (resistance-raising rubber balls attached to cushioned handles). The big carrot in the little-of-this-little-of-that workout ($275 for ten classes)? Kelly Ripa arms."

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Centric TV

CultureList Show Ep. 110

February 2013

Singer/songwriter Vivian Green (who portrayed Billie Holiday performing the Holiday classic "Love for Sale" in the Oscar-nominated Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely) joined model and celebrity personality Jasmine Sanders for a workout at Smart Workout recently. read more for photos and video

CentricTV CultureList Ep. 110

shpae magazine
Class Action: CATCH SOME AIR
shape magazine smart workout airopes
The benefits of jumping rope are hard to beat - until you add fun tools. That's the idea behind Airopes TW, a class at Smart
Workout Fitness center in New York City that uses Airopes (cushioned handles with a rubber ball attached to the end.), dumbells, a trampoline, and a C-shaped step called the Wave.
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Wrinkle Rehab: The Ultimate Natural Facelift
ABC News
Bianna Golodryga tracks new form of yoga that targets your face.



Face Yoga Is the New, Natural Anti-Aging Trend
Nov 2, 2012
ABC News’ Bianna Golodryga and Natasha Singh report:

The world of yoga keeps stretching to new extremes. There’s aerial yoga, hot yoga and even karaoke yoga. Now the latest craze is yoga for the face.
Instead of the downward dog or warrior poses of traditional yoga, this new trend involves contorting the face into a variety of expressions, including the “lion face,” “fish face” and “satchmo.”
Facial yoga is designed to be a natural, non-invasive alternative to the Botox, fillers and plastic surgery that Americans pay millions of dollars for every year, and its proponents claim the facial exercises can help keep people looking younger.
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Who doesn’t love a vacation?

While everyone enjoys days off, holidays can mean packing on extra pounds – which makes getting back to your normal routine even more difficult. But what if you actually lost some weight while away, while having a fantastic time? That’s the concept behind Smart Workout Fitness Vacation.
The brainchild of Elaine Platt, Smart Workout Fitness Vacation takes place at the gym’s midtown base in Manhattan, and incorporates engaging workout classes, healthfully fulfilling meals and sightseeing all together for a holiday that will leave you feeling both physically and mentally revived......


The Experience

Surprisingly, the dining is divine; 400 calorie meals at Smart Fitness are served in three to five courses that leave you feeling satisfied; in a session I attended, an example of lunch was a delicious chopped salad, salmon with sushi sauce, roasted asparagus, sweet potato, shrimp with cocktail sauce and two mini rice cakes with banana slices and peanut butter. Dinners are arranged at well-known NYC restaurants and feature indulgent foods like lobster, in cooking preparations that fall within your allotted caloric intake for the day.
And this isn’t your usual gym workout experience. Class offerings are meant to engage and offer variety (and arguably even entertainment!) as a means to getting fit. Some of the rotating offerings include Pilates Reformer, Zumba, TRX Suspension and trampoline-based cardio. Classes never contain more than about four people, so the experience is very personalized, with each instructor able to pay attention to your form and progress through each class.......

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Class Review: Airopes TW@ Smart Workout, NYC
9.18.2012 Class Level: Open
Reporter: Djuna Passman

Overview: Airopes TW, or Total Workout, is a light cardio and upper body toning class that utilizes four props: the airopes (similar to a jump rope cut in half with weighted balls at the end of each cord), a small trampoline, a wave board, a “C” shaped stepper, and small hand weights (3 lbs or 5 lbs).

What was class like? Class consisted of one of the studio’s trainers, the studio’s owner, and myself – all of varying fitness levels. We learned how to keep the airopes moving, the three different arm positions, and four different leg movements. None of these were complex.

After the initial introduction we did some stretching, and then began with light cardio on the trampoline, using the airopes and the leg movements. We did a short set of abdominal work followed by another light cardio series on the trampoline with the airopes. There was a brief explaination of the wave board and then used it for lunges while holding small hand weights to tone and strengthen the major leg muscles. Variations were given to accommodate different levels of fitness. The bulk of class was a long cardio series on the trampoline with the airopes. There was a very short abdominal series at the end followed by some more light stretching....."

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The New York Observer
September 3, 2012
Special Quarterly Travel Advertising Supplement | Fall 2012, pg 15

Air-Ropes TW
Smart Workout

Imagine a jump rope class without the high-impact or the whiplash. If you want truly toned arms, Air-Ropes TW is the workout for you. Smart Workout, located in Midtown on 40th street between Park and Lexington, offers an escape from the factory-like experience of the typical NYC gym. Founded by Elaine Platt in 2007, Smart Workout makes offers classes limited to six participants creates a warm, at-home atmosphere - and you can guarantee that everyone will know your name.
Come September, Smart Workout is featuring its brand new class, Air Ropes TW. The "TW" is a double entendre for Total Workout and more

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Midtown gym works out slimfast staycations featuring city sightseeing
Smart Workout offers classes and gourmet fare, and evenings combine fun and fitness
MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012, 6:00 AM

fitness vacation_dailynews_smartworkout
Fitness getaways are the perfect fix for travelers worried about packing on extra pounds. But once you factor in airfare, tips and taxes, some health-centered escapes can take a huge bite out of your budget.
So midtown gym Smart Workout has come up with a compromise: a series of all-inclusive fitness staycation packages that put guests on a workout regimen while taking advantage of the city's cultural landmarks......
see full article at Daily News Monday August 27, 2012 pg 34/35

wpix logo August 26
Free Friday: Pilates Class

News Anchor transcript "We're Hooking you up with more free happenings this week. That's what FREE Fridays is all about, not spending any money. Now due to the expected Hurricane a lot of outdoor activities cancelled, so we thought we'd offer something indoors. Starting Thursday take advantage of a free Pilates Class and Smart Workout will offer 11 classes to those interested in getting into tip top shape. Classes hold 5 students each so don't wait cause it's never too late to tighten up that toosh!.....Make sure to head over to our website to find out how you can be part of it all.." PIX viewers may contact Smart Workout at 212-661-1660 for more info....full transcript


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"Row" Your Way to a Better Body May 5, 2012
Health by By Kristyna Kane

Get ready to row your way into killer shape. Call it the comeback kid of cardio equipment: The old-school rower is back, and this most underrated machine in the gym is now the main focus of many of the city's best fitness options.
Working every major muscle group, the rower burns serious calories - 400 to 800 in a 45-minute class. So grab your paddle and get rowing........
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new york magazine
New York Magazine, January 16-23, 2012 issue
Fake Out Workouts

Feels like: Beach games
A small Beach Boys–soundtracked cardio class, Fun in the Sun (Smart Workout, 124 E. 40th St., nr. Lexington Ave.; 212-661-1660; membership from $145 a month) aims to perk up the S.A.D.-afflicted through swim-inspired cardio moves like the backstroke using resistance bands as well as sand-simulating workouts using ankle weights.

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Class Review: Helix @ Smart Workout, NYC
12.13.11 Class Level: Open
Reporter: Djuna Passman

"...Who would you recommend this class to? Because class sizes at Smart Workout are kept small, all fitness levels would be able to get exactly what they need out of this class. Gillian was very upbeat and supportive. She was attentive and while she pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself, she was careful not to completely burn me out.
This may not be the class for you, however, if you have hip or knee injuries. Gillian told me that the Helix is a very hit-or-miss class for people who have sustained hip or knee injuries as the movements and machine can aggravate the injury.

Class Description: This Smart Workout exercise class features the Helix machine, a lateral aerobic trainer. The Helix engages in a “sideways figure 8″ motion, which tones the inner and outer thighs, glutes, and core, while delivering an intense aerobic workout. In contrast to conventional cardio machines which work on a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal figure eight motion achieves sculpting results usually obtained only by weight training, all while conditioning aerobically and burning fat! Smart Workout’s original class moves through a range of “Helix motions”: arcs, surfing, leg pumps, squats, grinding, semi’s and ball riding, executed at varying speeds and resistance levels. Smart Workout’s Helix class is a great training for tennis players, golfers, and skiers, and for anyone who wants a fantastic workout...."

Djuna Passman
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Class Review: Pilates @ Smart Workout, NYC
12.07.11 Class Level: Open
Reporter: Anna Hudgins

"...My recommendation: This class is great for strengthening the core and and lower body while working through a range of movement, therefore working toward increased flexibility. Because of the ability to change the level of resistance (and therefore, intensity) on the Reformer, this class is appropriate for a wide range of students.

For those currently active, this class would be a nice supplement to your fitness regimen. Professional dancers and athletes returning from injury would also do well in this class, because modifications are readily available and Kristen takes time to inquire about her students’ current physical abilities..."
Anna Hudgins
full review at

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Class Review: TRX @ Smart Workout, NYC
11.15.11 Class Level: Open
Reporter: Djuna Passman

"....If you are looking for a strong upper body workout and something a little different, then this is a great class for you. Also, if you prefer small-sized classes, Smart Workout is a good, homely-feeling studio to try out as the TRX classes are never larger than 4 people.

Class description: The TRX uses adjustable straps hooked by a carabineer to a mount on the ceiling. Denominated “the TRX suspension training system”, this workout leverages your body weight, and enables you to manipulate gravity. Multiple planes of motion are utilized at once, working multiple muscles simultaneously. We’ve also included cardio moves, making the class an overall workout for burning fat, and developing strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability....."
Djuna Passman
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Wake Up Workout: The Wave

wake up workout the wave

wpix logo April 1, 2011
Free Friday: Hula Hoop Class

Each week we're telling viewers about events, activites and items that are free. That's right, no money required. On this week's free list: Free Hula Hoop Class from Smart Workout.
PIX viewers may attend any Smart Workout's Hula Hoop classes at any time during the months of April and May. Hula Hoop is offered in April, on Thursdays, from 1pm to 1:45pm, and on Wednesdays, from 4:45 to 5:30pm.... read more

new york magazine
New York Magazine, January 17, 2011 issue
The Gym Class Guinea Pig

Smart Workout, 124 E. 40th St., nr. Lexington Ave.; 212-661-1660; memberships from $145 per month. Kudos to all you cheerleaders: I hadn’t appreciated how much strength and stamina all that jubilation entails. This class set me straight with tight movements performed with lots of staccato snap. We worked our lower halves with kicks and grapevines and our arms and shoulders by making lots of V’s and T’s.......

See full article at New York Magazine, July 17, 2011 issue Gym Class Guinea Pig

Time Out NY Dec 30 - Jan 12 2011 Issue
Sports & Fitness
Get Arms like Michelle Obama's - Airopes at Smart Workout

Airopes at Smart Workout
The workout: Smart Workout’s space is airy, bright, and thumping with Top 40 and classic pop hits—a fitting setup for a playful class. Airopes are like jump ropes—but without the ropes. Instead, you grab two handles with a small ball attached to each by a cord. Twirling those balls in the air with a motion of the wrist works arm muscles, shoulders and more

better tv
Better.TV Oct 17, 2010
Side Elliptical - On Air Segment excerpt
anchor: You've all seen the basic tred mills, the elliptical machines, but we've got something that can make your workout even more effective. Andrea Metcalf shows us the side elliptical. It's all in today's getting fit.
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BetterTV Helix Side Elliptical

better tv
Better.TV Oct 8, 2010
Air Ropes - On Air Segment excerpt
anchor - "Okay it's time to get rid of those old work outs and try something different here. Andrea is showing us a new twist on jumping rope but we have no rope. It's all in today's getting fit."
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BetterTV Airopes

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WPIX11 Jan 4, 2010 Wake-Up Workout Jump To Fitness with Airopes
Get into the "swing" of a new fitness routine with Airopes! Sandra Partyka, senior fitness assistant at Smart Workout, was here with details.
Smart Workout's Airopes class is a total body workout: cardio, resistance, agility and balance. Airopes have the handles of a jump rope, with weights attached, without the full length of a connecting more

american fitness
January/February 2010 Issue American Fitness Magazine
Smart Workout - Innovative programs and personal attention make the difference

Elaine Platt first had the idea for a unique type of gym merging the concepts of personal training and group exercise after throwing a fitness-themes party for friends. "Everybody was trying to throw a more original party than the next (person), and I decided to have a fitness party," said Platt. With the trainers hired from a local gym the guests switched exercise stations every 30 minutes. "The group would break up into smaller groups," she explained. "Everyone sort of mixed and mingles and had a wonderful time. There was a lot of laughing, and a lot of personal attention." more

Time Out NY Jan 1, 2010 Spas & Sport Fitness Classes
Indoor Rowing
The experience: After an introduction to the rowing apparatus and proper form, the lively instructor pushed our small class (only three people allowed per session) through 45 minutes of nonstop rowing. Because of the personalized attention, I probably worked harder than I would have on my own, and learned that just moving my arms can provide a great ab more

Time Out NY Jan 1, 2010 Spas & Sport Fitness Classes Too New To Review
Fun in the Sun
To help you slog through the winter, Smart Workout has created this warm-weather-minded cardio and resistance routine, incorporating exercises that mimic summertime activities. Stand on the flat side of a BOSU Ball to surf; loop resistance-building Dyna-Bands around your arms and legs and make like you’re swimming; strap on ankle weights to feel like you’re walking in the sand; and sub physio balls for beach balls while tunes from the Beach more

Vogue Magazine Monday Nov 30 2009
Airopes: Give it a Whirl
Picture this: Five women hop behind a peppy, bright-eyed instructor, each wielding a rope with a ball on the end in each hand, whirling it above her head. It may sound like the stuff of comedies, but this workout is no joke. The class is Airopes, the latest offering at Smart Workout, a small gym tucked into the heart of midtown Manhattan. With classes limited to five, the discreet studio is the ideal setting to try out challenging (not to mention entertaining—trampoline, anyone?) ways to get fit, and schedules are based on more

TimeOut NY September 17-23 Spas & Sport
Learn how to pole dance By Lisa Freedman
......Alison Mayfield is an adorably tiny 32-year-old who stays fit by running and with Thai boxing, but she’s looking for some additional body firming. “Pole dancers have amazing bodies,” she says wistfully. So we booked her a 60-minute lesson taught by trainer and former dance instructor, Kimberly Domke at Smart Workout (124 E 40th St between Park and Lexington Aves, suite 603; 212-661-1660, The two warm up with a combination of stretching and yoga. “Flexibility isn’t a necessity,” says Domke, “but it will help you look more graceful.”...... read more

video image
Totally Tamsen WPIX, our latest TV coverage. click image

dori's shiny blog

July 27th 2009, 4:10 pm Exercise
A Truly Smart Workout
I’m excited to tell you all about a really cool gym I had the opportunity to try out. After reading Melissa’s experience at SmartWorkout, I knew I had to see what this place was all about. The main reason? Just look at this class schedule! I can identify so many classes I would LOVE to take on a regular basis. Some of the ones that most appeal to me are trampolines, swing, cheerleading, dance to the hits, broadway blast and, of course, spin! I’d never get bored! more

american fitness
July/August 2009 Issue American Fitness Magazine
Smart Steps
Summer is all about energy, verve and spirit. During the peak of this get-up-and-go season, boost your cardio levels to the themes and tunes of your choice at Smart Workout in New York. For those wanteing to add a bit of oomph to thier routine, this gym offers a range of aerobic dance workouts that appeals to all more

June 21, 2009 FitnessNYC
Smart Workout Review!
Today I had the opportunity to check out a gym that specializes in personal training and small “semi-private” group classes. The gym is called Smart Workout. It is located on 40th street between Lex and Park, which made it an easy breezy sub-fifteen minute trip from my apartment. For a small gym, the offer a great variety of classes, pilates reformer, kickboxing, spinning, yoga, pole, a variety of dance classes, hula hoop, trampoline, strength and more at FitnessNYC


May 2009 GOODIES
For busy New Yorkers trying to balance family time and personal time, KIDZ FiT provides a practical solution: you can take care of yourself while Smart Workout takes care of your kids. Smart Workout's extraordinary group of trainers have the education, talent and experience to provide quality care for your children. KIDZ FiT is a unique program of exercise and nutrition, for boys and girls ages 2 to 8. see the full article

May 2nd, 2009 Own This City, Spas & Sport
Free Pilates Classes!
The first Saturday in May is Pilates Day!
In celebration of the event, the Pilates Movement and Smart Workout will be offering complimentary classes today. Smart Workout’s 10:30am and 11:15am classes will be free to the public. The Pilates Movement will be hosting intro classes throughout the day, some of them specifically for teens and older students. read more

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January 22 2009 WPIX Morning News
Totally Tamsen: SmartWorkout
Tamsen is getting in shape the fun way with Smart Workout's Broadway Blast! In this class you'll have the spotlight shine on your inner chorus girl (or boy) while you do this season's hottest new workout. Dance to the sounds of 14 Broadway classics and dream your Broadway dream! And if that doesn't pique your interest, there's the Smart Workout's Wild West more

Vital Juice

October 2 2008 Vital Juice Daily
Sweat Smart
What: Exercising alone can be too lonely, but group classes can sometimes feel too claustrophobic. Thanks to Smart Workout and their semi-private training style, you can get a fun, personal workout that’s just more

July/Aug 2008 Issue Gotham Magazine
When the results of one-on-one personal training hit the mark but the execution is a bit, well, close, a slightly more group-oriented approach could be in order. Smart Workout, which deals in semiprivate training with groups of no more than four , fits the more

Always a Bridesmaid
Aug 5, 2008 My New Calling?
So, last night I decided to push my fitness limits a little bit and took my very first ever Pole Dancing Class!  We had been contacted by Smart Workout  to give their gym a try since they offer a very special Wedding Workout package.  The premise of the gym is a cool one- all classes are semi-privates, 4 or 5 people at most, and the set up feels like you are working out at somone's really nice home.
read more

AM New York
July 16, 2008 Tango Your Way To Fitness
It¹s no secret that dance is an effective form of exercise that manages to minimize boredom and still have you seeing results. While the Argentine tango might seem more like an exercise in drama, it¹s actually a stylized fitness workout, improving balance and postural alignment.......Michael Foster, ballroom dance instructor at Smart Workout demonstrates using the Tango to get in more

February 25, 2008 Small (Gym) Wonders
New York is a big, powerful city, and lots of New Yorkers like going to big, powerful gyms. But over the last few years, many anti-big gyms have sprung up, often resulting from the personal vision of founders.........Smart Workout - a friendly gym that wants guests to feel like they've been invited to a friend's home for an exercise party - was the brainchild of two friends, Lois Cooper and Elaine more

Issue 641 : Jan 10–16, 2008 Busted moves
Want to get more attention at the gym? Try these funny-looking trainer-recommended exercises. Fish face How to do it: Start with a smile, then suck your cheeks in like a fish. In that position, open and close your lips (just like you did as a kid when you went to the aquarium). Return to a smile, then more

January 4, 2008 Joan Hamburg Show
Hear what Joan Hamburg of WOR710 Radio had to say about Smart Workout
Transcript: Liz: So I decided to check out a new concept and I think that you’re going to like it. There is a new gym on East 40th street called Smart Workout. And you know, on this show and on Mondays on Launch Pad we always feature entrepreneurial stories and this is really a great story of this new gym Smart more

fully booked

Monday December 17, 2007 The Gym Project
Last week I visited the Smart Workout studio. This cosy, exclusive studio, five minutes away from Grand Central station, offers a variety of classes and workouts that can satisfy the most demanding gym goers. read more here

October 11, 2007 Get Smart with New Workout Spot
Finally, a health club that doesn’t blast loud music under bright lights making me want to crawl into a hole. See Smart Workout, and the nname says it all. When I first entered this intimate setting, I felt as though I was in someone’s apartment. The blond hardwood floors, red and chrome furniture scream modern décor. Ahh, but on the right, there is the Hydraulic Resistance more here

AM New York
Wednesday August 22, 2007 Get a little Zumba in your life.
......why pack on pounds with guacamole when you can shed them dancing salsa? And if you like your salsa with a little extra pizzazz, they you should definitely upgrade to Zumba, an intensive Latin dance workout. "The benefits of Zumba is that it's fun." says Lisa Eskenazi, an instructor at Midtown gym Smart more here

the three tomatoes
August 16, 2007 The Travel Bug, Belly Dancing, and all that Jazz
......we all know how boring the typical gym can be. But not anymore, if you work or live in NYC’s mid-town. Smart Workout offers its members small group classes ( no more than four to six people) in Pole Dancing, Yoga, Zumba, Cardio Dance, Belly Dancing, Boxing, Rebounding, Tred n'Shed, Bosu Ball, Warrier Workout, Hip Hop/Video Dance, Total Body Conditioning....... read more here

AM New York
Wednesday June 13, 2007 Strip the pounds away
Are you just jonesing for rock-hard abs? I know I am, but that chocolate cake keeps getting in the way. If you're ready to finally dedicate yourself to acquiring the killer bod you've always dreamed of, you might want to start by asking a professional how it's done.... a professional stripper that is. While Kim Domke isn't a stripper herdelf (rather, she's a trainer a Smart Workout, a gym in midtown), she knows the moves these hardworking women use to get in more here

October 19-25, 2006 Chill Out
Home work "We want you to fell like you're visiting a friend's loft," says co-owner Elaine Platt of the cheerful new gym she opened with friend Lois Cooper. The coed Smart equipped with a hydraulic circuit, Pilates reformers, a dance pole, and personal touches such as free tea, video iPods, and hair elastics for the forgetful. Making itself all the more more

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