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The Pole

Small Group Exercise Classes

  • Pole Dancing Demonstration
  • Pole Dancing Demonstration
  • Pole Dancing Class

Pole Fitness Training combines the attributes of exercise with the added benefit of being fun. Pole training builds core stability, tones abs, increases upper body strength, and improves overall coordination and flexibility.

TimeOut NY September 17-23 Spas & Sport
Learn how to pole dance By Lisa Freedman
......Alison Mayfield is an adorably tiny 32-year-old who stays fit by running and with Thai boxing, but she’s looking for some additional body firming. “Pole dancers have amazing bodies,” she says wistfully. So we booked her a 60-minute lesson taught by trainer and former dance instructor, Kimberly Domke at Smart Workout... read more

AM New York
Wednesday June 13, 2007 Strip the pounds away
Are you just jonesing for rock-hard abs? I know I am, but that chocolate cake keeps getting in the way. If you're ready to finally dedicate yourself to acquiring the killer bod you've always dreamed of, you might want to start by asking a professional how it's done.... a professional stripper that is. While Kim Domke isn't a stripper herself (rather, she's a trainer at Smart Workout, a gym in midtown) more here

See our video excerpt from our Pole Dance Demo below.

Have a Pole Party!

Schedule a private 2 hour lesson for yourself and up to 12 of your friends. Fabulous for Birthdays, Bachelorette, and Girls’ Night Out.
$360. (Pole Parties may be reserved by non-members)

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