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wpix_logo March 1, 2010
Wake-Up Workout
Fun In The Sun at Smart Workout


Can’t get to Surf City this winter? Go to Smart Workout instead to take their original class "Fun in the Sun."

This warm-weather minded cardio and resistance routine incorporates exercises that mimic summertime activities. Stand on a Bosu ball to "surf," loop dynabands around your arms while "swimming," play beach volleyball with physio balls; all while the music of the Beach Boys sets a summertime vibe.

Even though you won’t need sunscreen, you’ll definitely feel the burn. So when it’s cold outside, warm up at Smart Workout! Sandra Partyka showed us these four moves:

• THE SURFER GLIDE (using the BOSU ball)
It challenges balance and coordination, while working the muscles in the lower body.

• ROW YOUR BOAT (using the resistance band)
This works the shoulders, obliques, and deltoids.

• BEACH VOLLEYBALL SERVE (using the physio-ball)
This works the quads, glutes, biceps and lats

• THE BACKSTROKE (using the physio-ball)
This works the hamstrings, and triceps.


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