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Tred n' Shed

Small Group Exercise Classes

Perfect for time stressed New Yorkers! This treadmill exercise class ensures its participants a workout in their heartís individual training zone, for a full 20 minutes, in only 30 minutes of time! There are just 2 people in a class, each equipped with a Heart Monitor, going through paces on a treadmill. Through a series of interval inclines, speed jumps, and changes in body positioning, (walking sideways, backwards), the heart is stimulated to its optimal rate. Our fitness assistants give constant surveillance to make sure that the heart rate is never above, or below, where it should be.

There is a great class for those just starting out, because you can never “over-do” in Tred n’ Shed, as your individual training zone defines the level of your class.

And even for those who are fully initiated into a fitness regime, combining Tred n' Shed with a 45 minute Reformer class (or other resistance type class), gives a well rounded and diverse workout, in a manageable amount of time.

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