Trainer Tips – Key exercises for Skiing

No matter where you are in the country, Im sure you’ve been affected or know someone affected by the massive snowstorm here on the East Coast. Since Smart Workout is located in midtown Manhattan, we’ve seen a healthy dose of white flakes.

While the snow can hinder your travel plans, there are many wonderful (and effective) ways to exercise in the powder.  Finding a winter sport or exercise is a great way to lose weight, and keep off the pounds during the cold, and usually lazy winter months.

Here at Smart Workout, we’ve  developed a Sport-specific training program that helps to enhance performance in numerous popular sports. Senior Fitness Assistant, Gilly Rinaldo has picked her top three exercises to help performance in one of her very favorite winter sports- skiing.

In the video, Gilly introduces 3 great exercises; The Bosu Torso Twist, Band Hops and Lateral Raise with Rotation. These 3 exercises will help to strengthen the core, improve balance and  stability,  and increase cardio endurance.

-Gillian Rinaldo is a Certified Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor