Trainer Tips – Key exercises for Skiing

No matter where you are in the country, Im sure you’ve been affected or know someone affected by the massive snowstorm here on the East Coast. Since Smart Workout is located in midtown Manhattan, we’ve seen a healthy dose of white flakes.

While the snow can hinder your travel plans, there are many wonderful (and effective) ways to exercise in the powder.  Finding a winter sport or exercise is a great way to lose weight, and keep off the pounds during the cold, and usually lazy winter months.

Here at Smart Workout, we’ve  developed a Sport-specific training program that helps to enhance performance in numerous popular sports. Senior Fitness Assistant, Gilly Rinaldo has picked her top three exercises to help performance in one of her very favorite winter sports- skiing.

In the video, Gilly introduces 3 great exercises; The Bosu Torso Twist, Band Hops and Lateral Raise with Rotation. These 3 exercises will help to strengthen the core, improve balance and  stability,  and increase cardio endurance.

-Gillian Rinaldo is a Certified Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor

Class Spotlight: One-on-One Yoga

What is yoga? Why practice yoga? Why a yoga one-on-one session?

Yoga derived from the Sanskrit word, yuj, which translates “to yoke.” What are we yoking? Yoga is a practice integrating breath with awareness, recognizing individual consciousness and universal consciousness, while also balancing emotion, intellect, and action together. Truly, this is a lot to balance in our hectic lives, which is why we would like to offer one-on-one personal training yoga sessions.

Yoga one-on-one sessions give you the opportunity to focus on your body’s needs. It is a time to ask questions, take notes, develop and deepen your individual practice, and to transition this awareness both on and off your mat.

Here are a few reasons why you might choose to do yoga personal training sessions:

Supplementing your home practice:

Each private session will be catered to your individual goals. Special attention will be designated to refining alignment, gaining strength while maintaining flexibility, targeting specific muscles, and physical and mental acuity. We will discuss and write down specific cues to take with you to integrate into your home practice.

Beginning yoga:

By understanding the foundational principles of yoga, one gains body awareness and develops a safe and dynamic practice.


If you need special attention, yoga one-on-one sessions provide the opportunity- in a non- judgmental way- to support the whole body to move towards restoration. This specifically addresses variations or alternatives to certain yoga poses that achieve the same outcome, but in a non- harming way.

Complimenting your fitness and sports optimization goals:

This is designed to target specific muscle groups- increasing both strength and flexibility, gain/ maintain joint stabilization, develop mental acuity while under pressure, and to increase balance, stamina, and performance. We will develop a supportive/ complimentary practice to optimize performance in both everyday life and in sports/ related activities.

Weight Loss:

This focuses on the sequencing between and through each pose. It is designed to create a dynamic flow of energy and blood throughout the body, providing fresh oxygen to your cells to refuel your energy and stamina.


By nurturing and caring for your body, this private session will help alleviate stress by focusing on different relaxation, breathing, and meditation techniques.

Jessica Womack

Yoga, Private Trainer, and Fitness Instructor

Smart Workout