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Get your work out in and entertain your little one at the same time!




Smart Workouts Kidz Fit program is a family fitness program that includes fitness classes for parent and child in the same location. You will receive luxury small group fitness classes, while your child engages in age appropriate strength training, boxing fun and healthy cooking education. It is a win/win situation for your entire family!

Fall Program Details

Saturday, October 29;

Kidz Class- Mighty Muscles, Parent Class- Kickboxing

Saturday, November 5;

Kidz Class Big Kid Boxing, Parent Class- Kettlebells

Saturday, November 12;

Kidz Class- Small Frye Cooking, Parent Class- Warrior Workout

Time: Both parent and child classes are 11:30-12:30pm. You and your child must participate together, as we cannot have any children dropped off without a parent attending.

Price: $132.50 for one child and one parent (includes all 6 classes) ; $80 per additional sibling

Location: Smart Workout, 124 East 40th Street, Suite 603, midtown Manhattan near Grand Central Station

Discounts/Specials: For returnees (those of you who have regisstered for Kidz Fit before), there is a 10% discount off the price .

Early bird special: Anyone who pays by 10/15 there is an earlybird discount of 10%

These two discounts can be combined!

We permit complimentary guests for the first two weeks* (a registrant may bring a parent and a child as their guest). There is no limit to the number of guests that you can bring, except that you can not bring the same guest more than once.

Want to get the fall started with some family fun? Call (212) 661-1660 today to register. But be sure to call soon as spaces are filling up quickly!


*There are no complimentary guests permitted for the third week, but a friend can purchase the third week for $67.50 for a parent and child.

Kidz Fit at Smart Workout

Kidz Fit



(For kids ages 6 to 10)

Small Frye Cooking: Kids learn healthy choices, while doing hands-on cooking activities. They eat what they make, take home “leftovers”, and get recipes to try out on the whole family. Examples of our menus include: Whole wheat pita pizza with Italian green salad, and baked pears with low-fat ricotta; fiesta cheese quesadillas with confetti black bean salad, and toasted coconut fruit kebabs.

Mighty Muscles: Gymnastics, hula hoops, basketball drills, “soft weight” lifting, fencing (with foam swords), all help to develop your children’s strength, stamina, and co-ordination.

Big Kid Boxing: A non-combat class that teaches exercise and training methods used by boxers. There is no sparring or actual boxing performed, but kids will definitely feel like a young Sugar Ray. The class includes workouts using the trampoline, the physio ball, the step, Airopes, medicine ball relays, and of course, the punching bag.

Youngsta’s Yoga: Includes creative poses, yoga games, obstacle courses, and relaxation time with lavender eye pillows, and temple massages.

Parent’s Pump-Up: Kickboxing, Total Body Conditioning, Katami, Kettlebells, Zumba, and Warrior Workout. There is nothing kid-like about these heavy duty workouts.

Each session has 4 classes for Kids and 4 classes for adults.

All classes are held on Saturdays, from 11:30 to 12:30pm.

the dates of the Spring Session are 5/14, 5/21, 6/3, 6/10.

To find out more about Kidz Fit and/ or to register, visit our website