Jump Start your Weight Loss – Take a Vacation!!

Welcome to 2012!

Whether it is a small amount of weight youd like to loose, or tone and decrease inches, or fit back into a certain pair of jeans, many people will vow to take on a resolution to lose weight and be healthier this year.

Well, what if you can do something to jump start that goal? What if you could learn how to eat and cook in the real world? What if you had the support and expertise of a staff committed to helping you get the most out of reaching your goals?

Look no further! Smart Workouts Fitness Vacation is an all-inclusive vacations for fitness and weight loss, set in the rich cultural backdrop of New York City!

Your stay includes hotel accommodations, a fully escorted daily activities, small group exercise classes, cooking demonstrations and nutritional lectures. You will learn how you can eat healthfully at fantastic restaurants, and build nutritional, healthy meals without having to cook all day. Youll experience all different types of exercise classes and enjoy NYC in a way that keeps you active; walking around a museum to hit a number of steps on a pedometer, ice skating, or rollerblading in the park. Even if you live in NYC, we offer a way for you to go on vacation and stay at your own residence!

Since we know that this is the time most people will resolve to try to reach their weight loss goals, weve decided to give a Special Winter Offer for the months of January and February only:

If you like Smart Workout on Facebook, you will receive the following discount:

  • $100 off a weekend booking
  • $150 off  a mid-week booking


  • $200 off a full week booking

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When you’re ready to jump start your weight loss for a new year, be sure to mention the Blog or Facebook to receive your offer.

Heres to a happy and healthy new year!

Fitness Gift Guide – Give a healthy gift this season!

With the holidays just a couple weeks away, everybody is busy shopping for gifts for family and friends. More challenging than the actual shopping is thinking up unique gift ideas, that your loved ones will be able to appreciate, and use throughout the year. Fitness related gifts can make some great unique gift ideas and help your loved ones  jump-starting a new fitness regimen for the new year.

Here are some of the Smart Workout staffs favorite fitness gifts:

Heart Rate Monitor

This is an excellent device for any exerciser looking to get the most out of his or her workout. There are many different types of heart rate monitors, but you should look for one with a heart rate strap, so the exerciser can see a continuous heart rate at a glance. Fancier models include a GPS, which will track pace, speed, location, etc.



Hydryx Workout Towel

At first thought, giving someone a towel as a present may not seem like an extraordinary gift, but this towel is pretty unique. Once you take it out of the included tube, it instantly cools to help keep your workouts more comfortable. It’s great for the gym, which can get steamy with all the body heat, or for warmer weather workouts as well.


Kettlebells are currently a very popular trend in fitness and a good choice if the person you are getting the gift for likes a challenge. There are a variety of kettlebells on the market, from medicine-ball like bells to basic iron models. If giving kettlebells as a gift, it may also be a good idea to pair it with a kettlebell video, to allow the exerciser asset of instructions in doing this workout, so in time they will be able to pick up the kettlebells whenever they’d like and do reps of various exercises! Many places, like Smart Workout, are giving Kettlebell classes, so this would be the perfect gift for someone who wants to continue their training at home!

Personal Training Sessions or Gym Membership

Personal Training sessions are a great gift if your loved one has expressed interest in training but is reluctant to spend money, or intimidated to sign up on their own. Every trainer charges a different fee for their services, ranging from about $50.00 to $100.00 per session. This is a great idea for anyone looking for more personalized workout sessions. You may want to first purchase only one or two sessions for them, and let them decide if they want more. Like the gift of personal trainings, a gym membership is a good gift idea only if the person has been talking about it and considering it for some time, but for one reason or another, has not yet signed up for it. There are tons of different gyms to consider, so find out what type the person is looking for (size, location, small group classes offered.) Another option is to get them a coupon for free tours of gyms nearby and let them browse first before you buy.

Many gyms also offer a package that will help a person jump start a fitness routine. Especially if a friend or family member expressed interest, a package like Smart Workouts 6-Week Shape up or Fitness Vacation. The 6-week shape up combines classes and personal training, while the Fitness Vacation combines classes, nutritional education and lectures and some fun activities around NYC!

Healthy Dieter BasketHeart-Healthy Holidays Gift Basket

Found on Wellbaskets.com, this basket includes all kinds of healthy foods including green tea, soy coffee, smoked salmon, soy chips, and dried fruit. Also included is a pedometer and a guided weight loss CD. This particular basket is $85.00, but it can launch a great idea for to make you own unique healthy basket for a loved one as a gift, working with your own budget and making it as inexpensive or pricey as you wish!


Happy Shopping from Smart Workout!

-written by Victoria Arrigo, Fitness Asisistant

Gain Love – Not Weight – this Valentine’s Day

We all know the old tale. When youre in a relationship, weight gain is common.  Most couples get comfortable and in a routine, which can help the pounds creep on.  But, do singles really have an easier time keeping weight off? Not if youre out consuming high-calorie drinks youre not. So for this upcoming Valentines Day- focus on the fun AND food.

Valentines Day has not only become a day of romance- but also sweets, large pants-busting dinners, drinking and partying.

Heres your survival guide to a healthy V-Day (whether you are in a couple or not) without completely forgoing chocolate:

For Couples:

1.) Try something new: Instead of going out to a romantic dinner (which lets face it -can be cliche) why not try a cooking class with your significant other? Not only will you be moving and not sitting the entire time- but you can eat as you go and have a great new staple dinner for any other night of the week!

2.) Keep romance alive: Many restaurants will have a pre-fix menu for Valentines Day. While these can be a nice sampling of specialties at a restaurant- it may be overkill for your diet. Have one person get the pre-fix and the other get an entree. Split the appetizer and dessert. You wont be overstuffed- and hey- spooning chocolate molten cake into your honeys mouth is the idea of romance!

For singles:

1.) Make it a date-night: With all of your friends. Get a big group together and try a tapas-style night out. Sharing great food and great conversation is what love is all about!

2.) Keep the drinks low-cal: If you plan on doing a classic anti-Valentines Day event (as most singles do for this holiday) be sure to keep your liquid calories in check. Skip the fruity mixers and go for a champagne cocktail or tonic water with your liquor.

3.) Eat the office treats: Choose a day and a type of treat if your office has an abundance of chocolates and candy out.  Let yourself have a few- and make sure its after lunch.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!

-written by Sandi Partyka, Certified Health Counselor, Fitness and Pilates Instructor

Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide

During the holidays, its only natural to want to celebrate. You’re attending parties, and most likely eating and drinking with friends and family. However, this laid-back approach to diet and exercise can also lead to the dreaded Holiday weight gain.

Well, there is a way to enjoy the holiday season without damaging an entire year of eating right and exercising.

Here are a few tips and swaps that can have you celebrating without packing on the pounds:

1.) Prepare to Party: Most of us know when we are going to a holiday party, and we can plan ahead for this. If you know you’re going to a holiday party on a Thursday night, start planning in the beginning of the week. Try to cut out about 100 calories per day, so you can indulge a little on the big night.

2.) Fill up first: Think your willpower will suddenly crumble when you see a buttery piece of pie or cookie? To be sure sure you stick to just one indulgence, try to attend an event on a relatively full stomach. Having a big bowl of soup, loaded with vegetables will fill you up, but allow just enough room to snack on some thing you may want (and take up room so you don’t overdo it!)

3.) Do Pot-luck right: You’d be surprised how many people would love to have a healthy choice available at a party. So, if you’re enlisted to bring a dessert for the office party, opt for a healthier fruit salad, or a lower-calorie mousse.

Runners World also published a great swaps menu:

INSTEAD OF Traditional mixers and juices loaded with sugary calories.
HAVE THIS Alcohol mixed with flavor-infused sparkling water.
CALORIES SAVED 50 to 100 calories per drink

INSTEAD OF Cream-cheese filled wraps and mini meatballs.
HAVE THIS Raw vegetables, hummus, and a small handful of nuts.
CALORIES SAVED 300 calories per appetizer plate

INSTEAD OF Loading up on high-fat sides, and getting seconds.
HAVE THIS Reserve 1/3 of your plate for a sampling of each side.
CALORIES SAVED 500-plus calories per dinner plate

INSTEAD OF Having one of each kind of dessert.
HAVE THIS Two or three samples of one-of-a-kind sweets.
CALORIES SAVED 100 to 200 calories per dessert

Some simple substitutions and a little planning can make all the difference.

Heres to your best (and lightest) holiday season yet!

-Written by Sandi Partyka, Certified Health Counselor (C.H.C.)

5 Tips to Keep Fit During the Holiday Season

  • SET REALISTIC GOALS.  Let’s be honest, the holidays are a busy and bustling time.  Current workout routines easily dissipate in the season’s currents.  So this year don’t try to lose weight, instead simply try to maintain your current weight.  Cut your exercise time to 20-30 minutes to better your chances of fitting it in to your schedule.  Remember: DON’T STOP.  A little is better than none.  Besides exercising during the holidays will help to reduce stress associated with the season.
  • FIT IN A WORKOUT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Staying fit doesn’t have to involve a gym membership, treadmill, exercise DVD, or expensive running shoes.  Simple everyday chores and errands can add up to great fitness benefits.  Park further from store entrances so you have to walk more.  Take a brisk lap through the mall before you begin shopping.  (Note: this can also help you clear your mind and log in figures for some good bargain shopping sales!).  Take steps instead of escalators.  Increase pace of shopping.  Take bags into the house one at a time.   
  • MAKE EXERCISE A FAMILY ACTIVITY. Schedule at least 1 family activity a week.  Take a ballroom dance class, go ice skating, sledding or skiing, or even take a walk.  Either way you will squeeze in some mind relaxing and heart filling activities that will keep the family and skinny jeans together.
  • EXERCISE EARLIER IN THE DAY before the To-Do list gets too long.  Use 20-30 minutes to calm the mind and wake up the heart and body.  You will be far more prepared to conquer that list once you dedicate some time to yourself.  Then you can save yourself the guilt of licking that spatula from the German chocolate cake mix.
  • APPROACH HOLIDAY MEALS WISELY. Eat a high protein breakfast or snack before the big feast.  This way you will feel less inclined to binge, overeat, and overindulge once the spread is laid.  Also, save the best for last.  Eat the salad, fruit, and veggies in first.  Keep portion sizes down.  Try not to fill up the first plate, knowing you have all intentions of going back for a second helping.





  • -written by Annique Roberts, Certified Group Fitness Instructor