Benefits of Small Group Classes

Over the last couple of decades, group exercise classes have come a long way since leg warmers and brightly colored spandex. It is no longer necessary to follow a complicated aerobic step routine in order to get a good workout. There are a variety of class options out there, in different class sizes, for all different fitness levels. Yet, in my opinion, the best way to guarantee a safe and effective workout is in a smaller class environment. In a small class, the intimidation factor is gone and the personal attention from an instructor ensures that exercises are being performed correctly. In addition, the instructor can provide modified movements to cater to a healing part, sore spot, or sensitive area.  And, not to worry, the enthusiasm and energy that generates from the group environment is still present! So, if you have been shying away from the crazy routines and neon spandex, fear no more! Sign up today for any three small group classes of your choice at Smart Workout.

Devin Almeida, Fitness Assistant, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor