Keeping up your Exercise Excitement!

Its pretty common to be excited when you start a new exercise program. Theres hope that you’ll finally reach your goals, you’re immersed in a new regime, and because you are starting fresh, your mind is a little more engaged and curious to see whats coming next.

But after a few months, how do you keep that going?

Here is a list of 10 ways to stay excited about exercising, and below are some of my favorites that I use too:

1.) Make exercise a part of your schedule. This personally is crucial for me. If I block out the hour, and have a workout regularly dedicated to this time slot, that’s it- I have my plans set in stone and theres no backing out!

2.) Mix it up. I try one new exercise routine or format every other week. Even just slightly mixing up something I normally do keeps me engaged and challenged.

3.) If you ever happen to miss a workout (life gets in the way, so this does happen sometimes!) re-motivate and make a game plan right away. Figure out how you can reschedule that workout and stick to it!


Good luck!!!

See what our staff is doing


Our very own Annique Roberts was recently written up in the New York Times as one of the 10 Best New Dancers in New York!

Annique S. Roberts is a native of Atlanta, GA and Magna Cum Laude graduate of Howard University where she earned a BFA in Dance. She toured nationally and internationally with Garth Fagan Dance for over 5 years. Currently, she dances with Ronald K. Brown/Evidence based in Brooklyn, NY. Annique is AFAA group fitness certified and you can take a class with her at Smart Workout.

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Cereal Bars: Sneaky fat or healthy snack?

One thing I happen to love about cereal bars is how convenient they are. I tell clients when they are in a Nutrition Counseling session that it is ok to have these items with you so you do not grab an unhealthy snack. It can also help you fight off the temptations that may arise when you find yourself hungry during the day.

However, a recent study shows that some of the most popular bars actually contain as much sugar as a serving of cookies! We all know that if you are looking for a healthy snack, a cookies is not your go-to item.

So what to do? READ THE LABELS. Right now. If you have your favorite box of granola bars near you, grab the label and look at these key points:

1.) Does it have at least 3g of Fiber?
Think about it; fiber helps keep you fuller longer, so the more fiber in the bar, the longer it will hold you over if its in between meal (or a quick breakfast option).

2.) Does it have at least 5 grams of Protein?
This amount of protein will add balance to the calories and fiber, and again keep you satiated.

3.) Does it contain less than 35% of its calories from sugar?
This is our main argument. Unfortunately, what you may find will shock you!

There are plenty of bars out there, but all-in-all, it is always better homemade. Check ou our  favorite bar recipes!

The Weight Loss Plateau: How you can jump over it



One thing that I know frustrates many people is the dreaded weight loss plateau. Weve all been there; you’re staying on your plan, eating right, and adding more exercise, but that little bit just wont come off. The last five pounds are by far the trickiest, right?

Well, here is your cheat-sheet on how to battle a plateau:

1.) Awareness is key. Many times when we’ve reach our goals and hit a plateau, we tend to ease back on our routine. Maintain your awareness by keeping track of your exercise and daily food log. You might find that skipping your afternoon latte or hitting up brunch after a Saturday workout may seem small, but it really contributes to smaller ratio of calories in vs. calories out that you thought!

2.) Change it up. Plateaus happen when the muscles in your body get used to the exercises that you are doing. So, if you keep the same routine for 6 months, and you find that you lost weight in the beginning but haven’t in the past 3 weeks, switch up your routine. Putting in a higher intensity bursts for just 5 minutes in your routine or adding on mileage or increasing the pace can make a huge difference in how your body reacts.

3.) Don’t stress! Putting too much emphasis on the fact that the scale is not budging and really focus on your overall goal: to be healthy, live life better, and keep other weight-related ailments at bay. Every time you are frustrated think about all you have accomplished. Keeping yourself positive could help shed those final pounds!

Healthy Summer Recipes for a Deliciously Healthy Summer

Now that we are approaching the middle of May, Summer is coming in full force.

In many ways the beginning of summer marks the start of sun, sand, and little more down time. With this down time can also come a lot more food and booze too! So, to help you stay on track with your fitness and weight goals, I urge you to stay in season.

Some of the most delicious foods are fresh and in season May through August; fruits like peaches, melons and blueberries are perfectly ripe, vegetables like broccoli and asparagus are crisp and fresh. There is truly an abundance of amazing produce that are at their peak during these warm months (and bonus- all are healthy and helpful to keeping you look fit in your bathing suit!).

Click here to see Fitness Magazines great summer recipes.

Are you also looking for a healthy-focused vacation? Check out Smart Workouts Fitness Vacation– a way to see NYC in all its glory all while eating healthfully (even at restaurants!) and exercising. Don’t worry- we’ve included some down time spa services as well!

Heres to a healthy start to a great summer!

-written by Sandi Partyka, CHC