Pole: Fitness Phenomenon

By Ariel Iasevoli

I took my first pole class sometime in 2007, ever since I have been obsessed with every aspect of it.
Pole is a fitness phenomenon, it has been featured on CNN and NBC, in the pages of The New York Times, Daily News and Time out New York. Women and men (yes, men) of all ages, bodies and creeds are flocking to the pole, heck, even Oprah is poling.
How will pole fitness benefit you? Here are several pole-specific benefits:
A typical class burns 200-500 calories per hour (depending on intensity)

Increases strength, fluidity and flexibility simultaneously

Low impact and non-weight bearing (for some moves)

Incredible abdominal workout (almost everyone I know who poles regularly has at least the beginnings of a 6 pack, I kid not)

Gravity defying moves are fun and exhilarating, it a workout that is eagerly anticipated!

People of any age, sex, fitness level and body type can take pole and progress amazingly.

Here is one of my freestyle meddlies of pole moves:

Ariel is an instructor at Smart Workout