New Years Steps for Weight Loss Success

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and for many of us, that means a few things; parties, celebrating with friends and family, and new plans of health and happiness in the New year.

No doubt you may have some New Years Resolutions, but before we even get there (you’ll see a part 2 post to this one on how to KEEP those resolutions soon) I thought wed get a jump start on diet strategies for 2011.

Step 1: Start now. Before the ball drops- write down how you would like to revamp your diet. Write it down NOW.  By doing this, you’ll stick to your plan and can look at it, right on New Years Day and see what you have in store for 2011. Think big, and write down as much as possible- make it a sort-of laundry list of things you would like to change about your diet.

Step 2: When you look at that list on New Years Day- pick just one thing youd like to do with your diet. Whether it be eat breakfast everyday, get less take-out for dinner, or incorporate more healthy fruits and vegetables into your diet- circle that ONE small change and do it starting that day.

Step 3: Do that small step for 7 days. Then circle another one. Continue the one thing you picked in Step 2 and now add this one to it for 7 days. I think you can see where Im going with this. In one month, you could be eating more vegetables, having breakfast everyday, eating less take-out and making healthier desserts- without feeling overwhelmed.

And to help you celebrate the New Year, hears a healthy Champagne Cocktail:

Pomegranate-Cranberry Champagne:

For every 8 oz. of   Champagne

add 1/2 oz. 100 % Pomegranate- Cranberry Juice

Each glass is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C (which is great when parties and late nights can wreak havoc on your immune system) and is around 75-80 calories per glass.

Happy New Year and well see you in 2011!!

-written by Sandi Partyka, C.H.C.

Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide

During the holidays, its only natural to want to celebrate. You’re attending parties, and most likely eating and drinking with friends and family. However, this laid-back approach to diet and exercise can also lead to the dreaded Holiday weight gain.

Well, there is a way to enjoy the holiday season without damaging an entire year of eating right and exercising.

Here are a few tips and swaps that can have you celebrating without packing on the pounds:

1.) Prepare to Party: Most of us know when we are going to a holiday party, and we can plan ahead for this. If you know you’re going to a holiday party on a Thursday night, start planning in the beginning of the week. Try to cut out about 100 calories per day, so you can indulge a little on the big night.

2.) Fill up first: Think your willpower will suddenly crumble when you see a buttery piece of pie or cookie? To be sure sure you stick to just one indulgence, try to attend an event on a relatively full stomach. Having a big bowl of soup, loaded with vegetables will fill you up, but allow just enough room to snack on some thing you may want (and take up room so you don’t overdo it!)

3.) Do Pot-luck right: You’d be surprised how many people would love to have a healthy choice available at a party. So, if you’re enlisted to bring a dessert for the office party, opt for a healthier fruit salad, or a lower-calorie mousse.

Runners World also published a great swaps menu:

INSTEAD OF Traditional mixers and juices loaded with sugary calories.
HAVE THIS Alcohol mixed with flavor-infused sparkling water.
CALORIES SAVED 50 to 100 calories per drink

INSTEAD OF Cream-cheese filled wraps and mini meatballs.
HAVE THIS Raw vegetables, hummus, and a small handful of nuts.
CALORIES SAVED 300 calories per appetizer plate

INSTEAD OF Loading up on high-fat sides, and getting seconds.
HAVE THIS Reserve 1/3 of your plate for a sampling of each side.
CALORIES SAVED 500-plus calories per dinner plate

INSTEAD OF Having one of each kind of dessert.
HAVE THIS Two or three samples of one-of-a-kind sweets.
CALORIES SAVED 100 to 200 calories per dessert

Some simple substitutions and a little planning can make all the difference.

Heres to your best (and lightest) holiday season yet!

-Written by Sandi Partyka, Certified Health Counselor (C.H.C.)

End of Summer Nutrition and Weight Loss Tips by Sandra Partyka, C.H.C*

Believe it or not the end of Summer is here and the Fall will be fast approaching.

Summer is usually the time of traveling, spending long days enjoying friends and family, and sometimes, not really paying attention to our eating habits.

For many, Fall means the kids are back in school and our schedules are a little more organized. As for eating habits, they usually get back into a schedule as well.

So, I thought I’d give you a jump-start on wrapping up your Summer and giving you some healthy eating tips to get ready for Fall.  If you’re looking to eat healthier and maybe drop those few pounds that might have crept on when the sun was shining, keep reading!

Tip #1:

Eat Breakfast

I know this seems so simple, but how many times are you rushing out the door and forget this meal?

It’s incredibly easy to do, so it is usually my number one tip.

A quick and protein-filled breakfast can start raring your metabolism for the rest of the day. Got 5 minutes? Cook up an egg with some lean ham and put it on a whole wheat wrap. Best part? This wrap is completely portable!

If cooking is just not going to happen, then a smoothie is the very best thing to do.

Blend yogurt, fresh fruit and a little ice, and you’re good to go. Want something more decadent? Take out the yogurt and replace it with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter.


Enjoy what the end of summer has to offer

There are 2 really great and incredible nutritious foods in season right now: berries and tomatoes.

Eating food at its peak is both economically smart and ensuring that you will have the very best tasting produce.

There are endless healthy recipes that utilize berries and tomatoes.

Here is one I love:

Quick Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Dice 1 large cucumber into 1 inch cubes

Dice 2 large tomatoes into 1 inch cubes

Chop ¼ of 1 medium red onion

Place together in a large bowl


2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon of champagne vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together, and drizzle over veggies.

You can enjoy this alone or on top of a bed of mixed baby greens.

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*Sandra is a Certified Health Coach (CHC) through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a certified practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Sandra is also a certified Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor.