It’s February – Have you stuck with your Weight Loss Resolution?

Its time for a little check-in. Did you make a healthy, weight loss resolution a little over a month ago? Was 2012 going to be the start of a new year where you were really going to concentrate on your health and diet?

Well, now that its February, its a great time to check in! Have you stuck with it or fallen a bit off track? Most of us are a little over-zealous when making our weight loss resolutions for a new year, so I wanted to give you some quick tips to help you stay on track:

1.) Do a monthly check in. And I mean it! Set up an appointment in your google calendar, an alarm on your phone, something that will remind you to check back in with yourself. This way, you don’t go 3 months into your program and say oh well! guess I couldn’t stick with it!

2.) Set mini-goals. For each month that you check in there should be a mini-goal you are trying to reach. Think small; like eating 1 more serving of fruit and veggies per week, adding one more class or workout to your normal routine, or even planning to get up and move through your lunch break 2 days per week.

3.) Find a cheerleader. We all have friends that would love this job! This is a friend or family member who agrees to help keep you on track by checking in with you, seeing if you are in need of more support. Think of this person as your backbone, and your sense of accountability. Make sure its a family member or friend that will give you some tough love too! This was also one of the main reasons why Smart Workout developed their Weight Loss Program with private nutritional counseling sessions. It is this support that really makes the difference in a successful weight loss regimen.

Most importantly, remember that reaching your weight loss goals is a journey. There will be hills to climb, plateaus to face, and great triumphs too!

So good luck and keep striving toward your finish line!

-written by Sandi Partyka, CHC, Senior Fitness Assistant

Jump Start your Weight Loss – Take a Vacation!!

Welcome to 2012!

Whether it is a small amount of weight youd like to loose, or tone and decrease inches, or fit back into a certain pair of jeans, many people will vow to take on a resolution to lose weight and be healthier this year.

Well, what if you can do something to jump start that goal? What if you could learn how to eat and cook in the real world? What if you had the support and expertise of a staff committed to helping you get the most out of reaching your goals?

Look no further! Smart Workouts Fitness Vacation is an all-inclusive vacations for fitness and weight loss, set in the rich cultural backdrop of New York City!

Your stay includes hotel accommodations, a fully escorted daily activities, small group exercise classes, cooking demonstrations and nutritional lectures. You will learn how you can eat healthfully at fantastic restaurants, and build nutritional, healthy meals without having to cook all day. Youll experience all different types of exercise classes and enjoy NYC in a way that keeps you active; walking around a museum to hit a number of steps on a pedometer, ice skating, or rollerblading in the park. Even if you live in NYC, we offer a way for you to go on vacation and stay at your own residence!

Since we know that this is the time most people will resolve to try to reach their weight loss goals, weve decided to give a Special Winter Offer for the months of January and February only:

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When you’re ready to jump start your weight loss for a new year, be sure to mention the Blog or Facebook to receive your offer.

Heres to a happy and healthy new year!

Fitness, Food and Weight Loss Trends for 2012

At the beginning of every year, the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine put out a report on what the leading fitness professionals believe will be the biggest fitness trends of the upcoming year. Similarly, nutrition councils and wellness professionals make their predictions for the same buzz around healthy foods and weight loss trends.

According to all things health and fitness, here is a quick look at what to look forward to in 2012:


1.) Unique Training tools like the TRX Suspension Trainer. The TRX trend looks as if it will be skyrocketing through 2012. Some of our trainers here at Smart Workout have already fallen in love with this great tool, I work out with it all the time, says Senior Fitness Assistant Gillian Rinaldo. Clients really love the definition they get and it is easily one of our most popular classes.

2.) Small Group Training. The days of overcrowded classes where its easy to get lost are soon becoming a thing of the past. It looks as though in 2012, an increasing amount of gyms and fitness facilities are realizing what us here at Smart Workout already knew worked; Small Group Classes are more focused and produce results faster than larger sized classes.

3.) Zumba is a hot workout. In 2012, Zumba will not lose its hot status. This sexy dance class is the No. 9 workout requested by clients according to fitness professionals. At Smart Workout, we actually offer TWO unique Zumba classes!


1.) Weight Loss / Wellness Programs. More and more clients are asking for intensive weight loss programs and lifestyle coaching. At Smart Workout we offer both the Weight Loss Program AND our All-inclusive Fitness Vacations. Either program helps guide you through effective exercise, how to eat in the real world, and how a healthy lifestyle really is achievable!

2.) Whole Grains and Local Produce. More people are focusing on eating whole grains and are beginning to explore great new alternatives to basic breads and pasta. Grains like Quinoa, black rice, and Sorghum (a gluten-free African grain) are popping up in more grocery stores. Also expect to also see special local sections, where you can purchase fresh, locally grown produce from some of the more mainstream grocers.

3.) Strong is the New Skinny. It could be thanks to Michelle Obama and her amazing arms, or Jennifer Aniston’s killer Pilates body, but getting strong is a top priority for the client seeking a hot bod. The emaciated skinny girl look is not coveted the way it was in previous years. In 2012, a lean, toned body is sexy.

-Written by Sandi Partyka, Senior Fitness Assistant, CHC


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Top Fitness Trends for 2012

Fiber – Why its necessary for Weight Loss and a Healthy Body

You may have heard many of the benefits of Fiber; it keeps you fuller longer, it can help your digestive system work properly, and can assist in reducing cholesterol levels.

A recent study from India actually points to the the fact that the decrease of dietary fiber in more westernized diets of highly processed foods, can actually be one of the leading factors in the increase of obesity and the growth of type 2 diabetes throughout the world (You can read the full article here).

This study pointed out the facts that a diet rich in dietary fiber can have a huge benefit on the gastrointestinal tract, and if the increase of fiber is introduced into the diet in a gradual manner, many discomforts normally associated with increased fiber intake (such as bloating and gas) can be combatted.

In the Smart Workout Weight Loss Program, we specifically talk about the importance of Fiber and how it is a great tool to keep satiety when choosing your meal plans. Similar to monitoring the amount of fat grams, carbohydrate grams and protein grams you put into your body, monitoring how many grams of fiber in your daily diet can help put you on a successful path to weight loss!

Foods like oat bran and beans have anywhere between 10-17 grams of Fiber per cup. Even some delicious foods like raspberries, pears and edamame have anywhere between 4-9 grams of Fiber per cup!
So heres to the next meal with dark, leafy greens, oat bran or berries!

-written by Sandi Partyka, CHC, Senior Fitness Assistant

Weight Loss and Good health – how to take control

Think what you eat really isnt a big deal? Think again!    Try the Weight Loss program to segue you into a healthy lifestyle

There are many reasons why diet is a big deal; many are related to poor health; genes, lack of exercise, stress levels, and especially diet.

An article posted on talks about the link to diet and your health. One of the most overlooked and unknown traits weight is only a part of the health and wellness puzzle.

Check out the article here:

We’ve all seen them the people that seem to be able to eat whatever they like and not gain a pound. And you may be one of those people who say, oh, you’re so lucky, I look at a cookie and gain 3 pounds. Truth is, that friend, even though they don’t have any weight to lose, may be less healthy than you are.

As a Health Counselor, Ive seen all different types of diets, bodies and health-related issues. I will say that the majority of the time, people come to me to lose weight. That is because someone who has either gained weight recently, or struggled with it for the majority of their life know that they are living in an unhealthy way. Diet is a major component of this. And it is a link to just how healthy you are.

Inversely, there is what we call the skinny fat person. Because of good genes, high metabolism and other factors, they are able to eat seemingly whatever they feel like, and still look good. This is actually the scariest client. Why? Because if this person doesn’t eat a variety of fresh, wholesome foods, they are not in good health no matter what they may look like on the outside.

Truth is, the outside of the body is a lot easier to correct. While it may take a little while to lose weight, it takes easily twice as long for the body to correct what is going on inside. So, if you’re looking to lose weight and live healthier, your diet is a major link. It is true that you are what you eat.

Weight loss is usually a journey full of trail and error and always more successful when you have someone to help see you through it. That is why Smart Workout created a three-prong approach to our Weight Loss Program and focused on not just nutritional education, but exercise and the emotional aspects of what you put into your body as well. We take into account a full picture of your total health and overall wellness- not just a small portion of it.    Try the Weight Loss program to segue you into a healthy lifestyle

So I ask you, are you proud to say, I am what I eat?

-written by Sandi Partyka, CHC, Senior Fitness Assitant