You Can Prevent Lower Back Pain with Exercise!

So many people suffer from lower back pain, and find their day-to-day life limited and negatively impacted.

There are plenty of methods out there that sufferers try in order to alleviate their pain, such as back belts and shoe inserts. But these methods don’t seem to cut it.

But there is good news — a study has found that exercise alone can reduce the risk of lower back pain! However, once or twice is not enough… for exercise to remain protective against future lower back pain, ongoing exercise is required. Of course, exercise provides countless other health benefits, so it should be high on the priorities list to fit into your days.

As a bonus, this is good news to employers as well — less back pain means lowered use of employees sick days.

Remember — always maintain proper form in your workouts to get the full benefits of the exercise as well as to avoid causing yourself any additional pain!

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