Time Management for eating?

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We are always watching what we eat, but studies have come out emphasizing the importance of WHEN we eat.  In order to more easily regulate weight/weight loss, there are two recommendations. One is not to skip breakfast and the other is to avoid eating later at night/late night snacking. Skipping breakfast leads to “increased hunger” (Environmental Nutrition) and can lead to overeating later. When you eat before bed or snack at night, you are less likely to be highly active and burning calories at this time after eating. Jennifer Neily, MS, RDN writes “We live in a culture where the norm tends to be eating the main meal later in the day. But if weight management is the goal, eating more of your calories earlier is certainly worth striving towards.”


Environmental Nutrition offers a well-balanced breakfast recipe:

1 Egg

½ cup dry oat made with 1 cup of nonfat milk

1 cup blueberries

5.3 oz nonfat flavored Greek yogurts

¼ cup walnuts


With this in mind and the recipe as a guideline, we can certainly all start/keep up our efforts to live and lead a healthier us! In a world where we are all too familiar with busy schedules/duties, it is easy to turn to quick, sometimes unhealthier food choices. If we make conscious efforts to rework something as simple as eating at strategic times, the benefits of not only regulating weight but also feeling better knowing the work was put in will lead to a healthier mindset as well!

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