Benefits of Building Muscle Mass

                Did you know there’s more benefit to building muscle aside from strutting you “stuff” in a tank top? Studies have shown that building muscle mass is critical to lowering one’s vulnerability to metabolic syndrome. These risks factors include stroke and diabetes! The “National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute” reports that such risks increase as results of rise in obesity rates in adults. You often hear of body mass index, here attentions are being drawn to muscle mass. Researchers at the “National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III” conducted studies that pointed to muscle mass contributing to a lower risk of death.

                                The widespread desire for weight loss perhaps may not be the best mindset for older adults to hold. Dr. Arun Karamangla says “In other words, the greater your muscle mass, the lower your risk of death.” To think, we have been sucked into the craze of skinny or thin as “beautiful” and “desirable” when muscle mass is what we should be striving for. In essence, rather than striving to lose weight, we should take our extra weight and make it good for us! In turning this body mass into muscle, we can contribute to longer, healthier lives.

                Where a healthy lifestyle is a “lifelong commitment”, perhaps it’s better to view your work outs as an investment to yourself. You are working not only towards a healthier you, but a longer living you! Of course, everyone’s body is different and requires personalized care and training but this refreshing mindset is good for all body types! Building muscle mass will be pleasing not only aesthetically but mentally and physically as well!

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