Face Yoga: The Ultimate Natural Facelift

A wonderful form of Yoga is “Revita” Yoga, which technically means “to revitalize”.

Colloquially, this form of Yoga is called “FACE YOGA”, which is, as the name implies, yoga for the face.

Instead of the warrior poses of traditional yoga, this form of yoga involves contorting the face into a variety of expressions, including the “lion face”, “fish face”, and Satchmo.

Face Yoga is designed to be a natural, non-invasive alternative to the Botox fillers and plastic surgery that Americans pay millions of dollars for every year, and its proponents claim the facial exercises can help keep people looking younger.

There is a specific technique to making the Revita faces. It’s not randomly making squirmy faces. There is a regimen of actively stretching each muscle of the face. This muscular activity helps to prolong the production of collagen and elastin, which helps make the face firmer.

Face Yoga stimulates muscles. Stimulating any component of the face, like the facial muscles, has a beneficial effect in terms of overall appearance.

Each “face” in a Revita class, has specific benefits.  For example, the “fish face” firms the lips; the “bumblebee” firms the jaw; the “Satchmo” firms the cheeks, and the “lion face” stretches all facial muscles and releases tension.

Fish Face: Firms and tones the lips and cheeks

Grip Shake: Releases jaw tension and stress in the jaw

Kissing the Ceiling: Firms the jaw, neck, and throat, while helping to plump the lips

Smart Workout offers Face Yoga two times a week: Thursdays at 9:00am, and Wednesdays at 5:30pm, and offers one complimentary class to all. For further detail, check out our website, www.smartworkout.net.


By, Jan OConnell, RYT

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