Signature Selection – Airopes TW

This Fall, Smart Workout is unveiling its Signature Selection. These are specfically selected and originally developed classes to address all fitness needs (cardiovascular conditioning, strength, balance, and mind/body connection).

Each month, we will feature one of Smart Workouts Signature Classes and explain why it should be in your workout regimen!

First up is Airopes TW.

This 60 minute class is an awesome workout for your arms, providing intense cardio, improving balance and agility, and increasing your upper and lower body strength.

Airopes are small weighted ropes that add both a cardio and strength component to your basic arm exercises, allowing you to tone every muscle in your arms!

“TW” is a double entendre for the Total Workout achieved by incorporating the Trampoline and the WAVE. Both the Trampoline and Wave are cardiovascular workouts that tone the legs as well. The Wave in particular is a completely new piece of equipment, and unique to Smart Workout. It also incorporates balance and agility and is a blast to workout on!

It’s a true fusion class The best 60 minutes of fitness and fun you’ll ever spend, and your body will thank you!

Ready to try it out? Fill out free guest pass form today! You can find it on our website,, or on the right-hand side of this webpage.

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