Healthy Fall Recipes

Fall is a great time to try out new recipes and really capitalize on the bevvy of fresh vegetables and hearty foods in season. Here are some of my favorite fall recipes, broken down by meal. All are healthy, and some are even speedy to-go options. Hopefully our list will encourage you to venture out of our comfort zone and discover some exciting new meals.

shrimp tacos img

Just click the links to view the full recipe. Happy Fall Cooking:


Mini Frittatas are a great way to get you out the door quickly since you an make them the night before and heat them in the morning!

Quick PB J Wrap

Make a mixed batch like these for all your picky eaters.


Shrimp Tacos for the healthy version of taco night

Curried Eggplant; A great Vegetarian Meal

Spinach Lasagna Rolls make Italian food healthier!


Quinoa Corn Edamame Salad yum!

Simple Zucchini Chips

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