Smart Workout’s Fitness Vacations in New York City!

Summers here! Whether you’re taking off from work or out of school, you can lounge by the pool in weather thats far from cool. But typical summer activities tend to make us a little lazier than usual. And, lets face it spending the whole day relaxing sounds amazing in theory, but it can get really boring, really fast. At Smart Workout we can help you get out of that hot weather rut with our fun new Fitness Vacations!

We combine fitness, food, and fun to give you a well-rounded and healthy summer vacation that youll never forget, especially because you’re likely to be using the tips you’ll learn from our fitness and nutrition talks long after you go back home.

Our unique small-group exercise classes (some of which you’ve never even heard of before) are combined with fitness excursions that take you around New York City to propel you into an active lifestyle while maintaining an exciting and upbeat attitude towards working out.

You’ll get to see all the best attractions New York City has to offer during your fitness excursions. Activities include walking the Highline Park and visiting marvelous museums while wearing a pedometer to track your steps, taking dance lessons followed by social dancing, and much more.

You’ll dine in world-class restaurants where gourmet meals are pre-planned to be low in calories while maintaining their delicious flavors, and an indulgent spa trip is the cherry on top of a wonderful week! There’s never a dull moment on this vacation, but even though you’ll be in the city that never sleeps, you can get a good night’s rest in the beautiful and comfortable facilities of the St. Giles Hotel, conveniently located one block away from our fitness facility.

Come and join us here at Smart Workout for an experience thats sure to leave you feeling great in both mind and body and looking great too!


Visit our Fitness Vacations website at for more information, including rates and reservations, sample schedules, and more!

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