Body Part of the Month: Triceps

Haven’t we all admired our First Lady’s beautifully sculpted arms? You can bet Michelle Obama does quite a few tricep exercises! The triceps are muscles located in the back of the arm, and are responsible for flexing your elbows. This month we are featuring the Triceps as our Body part of the month, as we have had many clients coming in asking for Michelle Obama arms.

Here are a few quick and results oriented exercises you can do at home the gym or even at the office!

Tricep Dips:

Place your hands on the edge of the seat of any sturdy chair. Walk your legs out until your torso is in a flat table top position. Bend at the elbows and dip down towards the ground and press up. 3 set of 10 repetitions once a day should be sufficient.

Overhead Tricep Press:

At the gym, you can always grab  free weights or a kettle bell and launch into the standard tricep press as well. Arms extended straight up towards the ceiling behind the head. Bending at the elbows allow the weights to lower towards the ground and then press back up towards the ceiling.

Keep up with these simple exercises and you’ll be waving to your friends with confidence!

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