Exercising on the Stability Ball

Stability balls are a great tool to incorporate into your workout.  They can provide a challenge or be used as a modification to help proper form during an exercise.  Either way, they are a toy that should be utilized!

Here are 3 great strength and toning exercises that can be done using a stability ball:

  1. Stability Ball Pushup-  This is a great way to modify a pushup or make it more challenging on the core and chest.  Lay down with your stomach or pelvis on the ball and place your hands below your shoulders when the body is fully extended.  Bend and extend the elbows, as your upper body lowers and lifts.  For a more challenging version, place the ball underneath the ankles or shins and try the pushup there!
  2. Pelvic Lift and Squeeze- Lying down on your back, place the stability ball in between your shins.  Slowly squeeze in on the ball with the legs as you simultaneously lift your pelvis up off of the mat.  Hold the elevated pelvis for 10 seconds and then relax down to the mat.
  3. Crunches-Lying down on your back on the stability ball with your shoulders slightly off of the top of the ball, slowly lift and lower your upper back off of the ball, while isolating the rest of your body.  This exercise challenges the abdominals and core by allowing a larger range of motion, as well as the increased difficulty in stabilizing the ball beneath your body.

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