Bored with your Fitness Routine?

The owner of Smart Workout, Elaine Platt, is constantly saying that, “the best workout is the one that you do!” This rings true to many of us who are often bored doing the same type of cardio, for the same duration of time and the same weight training exercises day after day. Boredom and a perceived lack of time are the two main reasons that exercisers fall off of the wagon.
There are many things that you can do to combat this boredom at the gym. Get out of your regular routine and try some or all of these suggestions:



1.)  Interval Training

o Focus on different muscle groups each day, never working the same muscles consecutive days (with the exception of abs)
o Add short bursts of cardio 2-3 minutes, into your strength training to break up the repetition

2.)  Incorporate Different Equipment
o Utilize various apparatus and equipment. Don’t only use the circuit machines or free weights. Begin to experiment with resistance bands, medicine balls, physioballs, hand and ankle weights.

3.)  Try New Things
o Take some classes and start to integrate that into your weekly routine. Participate in a variety of classes to allow both mental and physical engagement. Try not to take only one type of class, experiment and challenge your body with a total body class one day and yoga the next.

4.)  Switch It Up
o Try to avoid routine at the gym. Although similarity works for some people, most are bored doing the same thing each day. Take a class one day; the next day do strength training with cardio intervals; try pilates the following day; and take a step or spin class the day after that! This type of variation will prevent boredom and keep both your mind and body on its toes!


-written by Gillian Rinaldo, Senior Fitness Assistant

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