Oops! I forgot to workout my Rotator Cuff

When we work out without a script, sometimes we forget to include important body parts in our routine.  Some of the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, often referred to as the rotator cuff, may be among these forgotten body parts.

The purpose of rotator cuff exercises is to strengthen the muscles which rotate the upper arm within the shoulder joint.  These muscles do not lift the arm, but they turn it.   A great way to work your rotator cuff is to do an exercise lying on your side.  Lie on your left side with your legs slightly bent and stacked one on top of the other.  Extend your left arm away from your body along the floor and rest your left ear on it to support your neck and head.  Using a LIGHT weight in your right hand, keeping the upper part of your right arm pinned to your side, and keeping your right elbow at a ninety degree angle, lift the weight in an arc, then lower it.  The forearm of your right arm should move from parallel to the floor to an almost vertical position, and then back.  This is one repetition.  Repeat for a set and then repeat for the left shoulder lying on your right side.

The rotator cuff muscles are important for the strength and stability of the shoulder joint.  Strengthening exercises for the rotator cuff can improve that stability in a healthy shoulder, and may also be recommended for those recovering from shoulder injury.


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