Fiber – Why its necessary for Weight Loss and a Healthy Body

You may have heard many of the benefits of Fiber; it keeps you fuller longer, it can help your digestive system work properly, and can assist in reducing cholesterol levels.

A recent study from India actually points to the the fact that the decrease of dietary fiber in more westernized diets of highly processed foods, can actually be one of the leading factors in the increase of obesity and the growth of type 2 diabetes throughout the world (You can read the full article here).

This study pointed out the facts that a diet rich in dietary fiber can have a huge benefit on the gastrointestinal tract, and if the increase of fiber is introduced into the diet in a gradual manner, many discomforts normally associated with increased fiber intake (such as bloating and gas) can be combatted.

In the Smart Workout Weight Loss Program, we specifically talk about the importance of Fiber and how it is a great tool to keep satiety when choosing your meal plans. Similar to monitoring the amount of fat grams, carbohydrate grams and protein grams you put into your body, monitoring how many grams of fiber in your daily diet can help put you on a successful path to weight loss!

Foods like oat bran and beans have anywhere between 10-17 grams of Fiber per cup. Even some delicious foods like raspberries, pears and edamame have anywhere between 4-9 grams of Fiber per cup!
So heres to the next meal with dark, leafy greens, oat bran or berries!

-written by Sandi Partyka, CHC, Senior Fitness Assistant

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