Fitness on the Go: Isometrics

We all know that variety in training yields many benefits. We have looked around for different training tools and techniques. With all of this looking, there is a method of strength training which often gets overlooked. This is isometrics.
Isometrics, or static contractions, are not movements like those done when lifting weights. They are muscle contractions putting pressure against a stationary counter-resistance. Isometrics can be performed in routines without rest days, and won’t make you break a sweat.

Here are three isometric exercises to supplement your routine. They can be done anywhere and will give your muscles some light work in between training sessions. Hold these contractions for up to twelve seconds and do these exercises in sets. Always remember to focus on the muscles you are working during any resistance exercise.

1. Chest Press: Hold your hands together in front of your abdomen and press them together, flexing your chest muscles (pectorals).

2. Static curl: Grasp your right hand with your left. With your right arm at your side, bend it to a ninety degree angle at the elbow. Simultaneously press down with your left hand and pull up with your right hand, for a static contraction of your right bicep. Switch sides.

3. (You will need a towel for the third exercise). Hold the towel behind your back with your left elbow by your ear and your right elbow down at your side. With your left elbow fully flexed, and your right elbow bent, simultaneously pull up with your left hand and pull down with your right, creating a static contraction in your right triceps. Switch sides.

Performing isometrics alone will not give you a full workout, and it is difficult to measure the progress you can achieve through the execution of isometrics, but their convenience is unmatched.

the Plank is also a Isometric Exercise

by: Drew Martin, Smart Workout Fitness Assistant