Stick to your Weight Loss Goals: Dining Out without calorie Doom and Gloom

There are many different occasions that will come along that may present a challenge for those of us trying maintain healthy eating habits. I don’t necessarily believe in some of the things that the classic “dieters” will tell you to do. I believe that the more honest you can be with yourself and make healthy eating a lifestyle rather than a diet plan- the better chance you have keeping weight off for the long haul.

One of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed is dining out.  The portion sizes are bigger than usual, the fat content is more commonly much higher than necessary, and people tend to mindlessly eat when dining out.  Here is a little “survival guide” to help you on your next restaurant night:

  • Sharing is Caring- I know people who will box half of their meal and eat the other half. This doesn’t always work for me.  I, however, love splitting things with friends. We will often share an entrée- that way we can have some wine and enjoy chatting.
  • Don’t start on empty– If I know I’m going out to dinner- I actually do the opposite of what most people do. I don’t eat little or nothing all day to save it- I actually go on a slightly full stomach. This works because I can’t eat too much- and I have a great doggie bag to portion out when I get home!
  • Get a starter- Yes, I just told you to get an appetizer, but let me be specific. A non-cream based soup or salad will provide you with fiber and keep you full. This rule ties into the idea of the previous tip of filling up your stomach before the meal.
  • Think recovery- Ok, so you didn’t stick to the rules. It can happen. The best tip I have? Schedule a small group class or a training session for the next day. Do this and confirm BEFORE you leave for dinner. Even if you overindulged, you can feel a little better about it!
  • -written by Sandra Partyka, CHC

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