Gain Love – Not Weight – this Valentine’s Day

We all know the old tale. When youre in a relationship, weight gain is common.  Most couples get comfortable and in a routine, which can help the pounds creep on.  But, do singles really have an easier time keeping weight off? Not if youre out consuming high-calorie drinks youre not. So for this upcoming Valentines Day- focus on the fun AND food.

Valentines Day has not only become a day of romance- but also sweets, large pants-busting dinners, drinking and partying.

Heres your survival guide to a healthy V-Day (whether you are in a couple or not) without completely forgoing chocolate:

For Couples:

1.) Try something new: Instead of going out to a romantic dinner (which lets face it -can be cliche) why not try a cooking class with your significant other? Not only will you be moving and not sitting the entire time- but you can eat as you go and have a great new staple dinner for any other night of the week!

2.) Keep romance alive: Many restaurants will have a pre-fix menu for Valentines Day. While these can be a nice sampling of specialties at a restaurant- it may be overkill for your diet. Have one person get the pre-fix and the other get an entree. Split the appetizer and dessert. You wont be overstuffed- and hey- spooning chocolate molten cake into your honeys mouth is the idea of romance!

For singles:

1.) Make it a date-night: With all of your friends. Get a big group together and try a tapas-style night out. Sharing great food and great conversation is what love is all about!

2.) Keep the drinks low-cal: If you plan on doing a classic anti-Valentines Day event (as most singles do for this holiday) be sure to keep your liquid calories in check. Skip the fruity mixers and go for a champagne cocktail or tonic water with your liquor.

3.) Eat the office treats: Choose a day and a type of treat if your office has an abundance of chocolates and candy out.  Let yourself have a few- and make sure its after lunch.

Enjoy your Valentines Day!

-written by Sandi Partyka, Certified Health Counselor, Fitness and Pilates Instructor

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