Fitness on the Go – Fit Fitness into daily activities

Although many peoples’ daily lives are incredibly busy, making time to exercise and squeeze physical activity into your life, is essential to a healthy lifestyle.  It’s easier than you think!

Fit in FitnessHere are some easy tips to incorporate fitness into your busy lifestyle:

  • Take the stairs
    • When entering or leaving somewhere and your choice is the elevator or the stairs; Chose stairs!
    • If you have stairs at home, go to the first stair and use it similar to a step
    • It is a great way to squeeze in some cardio
  • Hygiene Heel Raises
    • While you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, do some heel raises.
      • Top Teeth Brushing: Lift your heels up and down in parallel
      • Bottom Teeth Brushing: Lift your heels up and down in a small “V”
    • While riding the subway, hold onto a pole and life your heels up and down in parallel
    • Great for the calves!
  • Thigh Toning Telephone Call
    • While you’re on an important phone call, work off those love handles, by lifting 1 leg up to a 45 degree angle.  Then while standing on the other leg, slowly pulse the other leg higher
  • Abs Squeeze
    • You can work your core abdominal muscles anywhere, simply by engaging them!
      • Standing tall, with both feet firmly on the ground, scoop your navel in toward your spine and squeeze/engage your abdominal muscles.
    • This will improve posture and abdominal strength

-By Gillian Rinaldo, Senior Fitness Assistant, Certified Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor

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