Make Fitness a Family Affair

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

But more often than not, the holiday season is a time when your exercise schedule can be neglected. So while you are waiting for the turkey to cook and guests to arrive, grab a family member or friend and make your workout a bonding experience. Go for a walk; even better, find a hill in the neighborhood to walk up and down.

As experienced in our Tred n Shred class, walking at an incline can increase the heart rate in less time.

Heres a great 25 minute workout you can do anywhere you can find a hill:

Minutes 1-4: Walk at a moderate pace at a relatively level incline. This is just to warm up and get the heart pumping.

Minutes 4-10: Walk on an incline (find a hill) at a rate that would be difficult for you to maintain- on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the hardest) you should feel like you are working around 7 or 8.

If you cannot walk up the hill for 6 minutes straight, walk for as long as you can up the hill, then come down and repeat until you reach 6 minutes total walking uphill.

Minutes 10-13: Walk on a level surface at a moderate pace.

Minutes 13-19: Repeat hill sequence.

Minutes 19-21: Walk on a level sideways (laterally) at a moderate pace.

Minutes 21-23: Walk at a moderate to slow pace to cool down

Minutes 23-25: Stretch

Is it too cold to walk outside? Put on a fun exercise DVD or play a game of Wii! You don’t have to skimp on family time to find time to stay fit!

-written by Devin Almedia, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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