Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide

During the holidays, its only natural to want to celebrate. You’re attending parties, and most likely eating and drinking with friends and family. However, this laid-back approach to diet and exercise can also lead to the dreaded Holiday weight gain.

Well, there is a way to enjoy the holiday season without damaging an entire year of eating right and exercising.

Here are a few tips and swaps that can have you celebrating without packing on the pounds:

1.) Prepare to Party: Most of us know when we are going to a holiday party, and we can plan ahead for this. If you know you’re going to a holiday party on a Thursday night, start planning in the beginning of the week. Try to cut out about 100 calories per day, so you can indulge a little on the big night.

2.) Fill up first: Think your willpower will suddenly crumble when you see a buttery piece of pie or cookie? To be sure sure you stick to just one indulgence, try to attend an event on a relatively full stomach. Having a big bowl of soup, loaded with vegetables will fill you up, but allow just enough room to snack on some thing you may want (and take up room so you don’t overdo it!)

3.) Do Pot-luck right: You’d be surprised how many people would love to have a healthy choice available at a party. So, if you’re enlisted to bring a dessert for the office party, opt for a healthier fruit salad, or a lower-calorie mousse.

Runners World also published a great swaps menu:

INSTEAD OF Traditional mixers and juices loaded with sugary calories.
HAVE THIS Alcohol mixed with flavor-infused sparkling water.
CALORIES SAVED 50 to 100 calories per drink

INSTEAD OF Cream-cheese filled wraps and mini meatballs.
HAVE THIS Raw vegetables, hummus, and a small handful of nuts.
CALORIES SAVED 300 calories per appetizer plate

INSTEAD OF Loading up on high-fat sides, and getting seconds.
HAVE THIS Reserve 1/3 of your plate for a sampling of each side.
CALORIES SAVED 500-plus calories per dinner plate

INSTEAD OF Having one of each kind of dessert.
HAVE THIS Two or three samples of one-of-a-kind sweets.
CALORIES SAVED 100 to 200 calories per dessert

Some simple substitutions and a little planning can make all the difference.

Heres to your best (and lightest) holiday season yet!

-Written by Sandi Partyka, Certified Health Counselor (C.H.C.)

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