5 Tips to Keep Fit During the Holiday Season

  • SET REALISTIC GOALS.  Let’s be honest, the holidays are a busy and bustling time.  Current workout routines easily dissipate in the season’s currents.  So this year don’t try to lose weight, instead simply try to maintain your current weight.  Cut your exercise time to 20-30 minutes to better your chances of fitting it in to your schedule.  Remember: DON’T STOP.  A little is better than none.  Besides exercising during the holidays will help to reduce stress associated with the season.
  • FIT IN A WORKOUT ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Staying fit doesn’t have to involve a gym membership, treadmill, exercise DVD, or expensive running shoes.  Simple everyday chores and errands can add up to great fitness benefits.  Park further from store entrances so you have to walk more.  Take a brisk lap through the mall before you begin shopping.  (Note: this can also help you clear your mind and log in figures for some good bargain shopping sales!).  Take steps instead of escalators.  Increase pace of shopping.  Take bags into the house one at a time.   
  • MAKE EXERCISE A FAMILY ACTIVITY. Schedule at least 1 family activity a week.  Take a ballroom dance class, go ice skating, sledding or skiing, or even take a walk.  Either way you will squeeze in some mind relaxing and heart filling activities that will keep the family and skinny jeans together.
  • EXERCISE EARLIER IN THE DAY before the To-Do list gets too long.  Use 20-30 minutes to calm the mind and wake up the heart and body.  You will be far more prepared to conquer that list once you dedicate some time to yourself.  Then you can save yourself the guilt of licking that spatula from the German chocolate cake mix.
  • APPROACH HOLIDAY MEALS WISELY. Eat a high protein breakfast or snack before the big feast.  This way you will feel less inclined to binge, overeat, and overindulge once the spread is laid.  Also, save the best for last.  Eat the salad, fruit, and veggies in first.  Keep portion sizes down.  Try not to fill up the first plate, knowing you have all intentions of going back for a second helping.





  • -written by Annique Roberts, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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