Suspension Training with TRX

By Ariel Iasevoli CPT, GF, TRX

Suspension Training and TRX may sound extreme and science-fiction-y to the novice exerciser, but to those immersed in the fitness industry, these training modalities are treasured for their versatility, ease and results.

TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, it is a piece of equipment that consists of 2 nylon straps, handles and foot cradles.  It can be suspended from any sturdy beam, can support up to 350lbs and can weighs less than 2lbs.  A plethora of functional, full body movements can be exicuted on the TRX, providing a workout that is challenging, safe and functional for all fitness levels.

The theory of functional training is quite simple: The body understands movements, not muscles.  Meaning that everyday and sport activities involve the integration of many joints and muscles to provide movements.  Never in our everyday lives do we isolate individual muscles or joint actions, so why would we train muscles and joints individually?

Suspension training with TRX is designed to engage the body as a single coordinated system.  The TRX allows one to train in the 3 planes of movement and recruit the maximum amount of muscle and joint actions to complete an exercise.

Here are some key benefits of functional and TRX training:

Multiplanar movements build strong motor patterns which corollate to increased coordination and decreased injury potential.

Most exercises are performed standing which automatically engages the core, improves posture and corrects the muscle imbalances that occur from sitting for long periods of time (i.e. at your desk, on the couch, in your car).

The intensity of a TRX workout can be tailored to all fitness levels simply by altering the distance between the exerciser and the anchor point of the TRX.  For example, those who cannot perform a push-up on the ground will be able to perform one on the TRX, and those who are push-up-pros can make the exercise more challenging on the TRX.

Multi-muscle/joint movements require more energy to produce and this means more calories are expended.

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