Pilates Reformer, the professional dancer’s class of choice by Annique Roberts

I joined the Smart Workout team a year ago with 6 years experience as a senior professional dancer with Tony Award winning choreographer, Garth Fagan. As I continue my career, now with Evidence Dance Company, I find one class  more beneficial above the rest, Pilates Reformer.

Not only is the class excellent for strengthening my core, it lengthens my body from head to toe.  After a 45 minute class I literally feel as if Im floating on a cloud.  This class strengthens and tones the entire body without stressing the joints.  And whats really special about the class is that after a long week of rehearsing I can come take this class and it melts away the stress, surprisingly messages out the kinks, and relaxes the sore muscles all while still getting a workout.  Simply amazing. No wonder Pilates Reformer is our most popular class!