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Personal Training

Smart Workout's personal training programs include Body Conditioning for overall cardio and muscle strength, privates in Pilates Reformer and Yoga; and Sports Strength for Golf, Tennis and Skiing.

Small Group Exercise Classes

Smart Workout's "Signature Selection", our program of unique class offerings, balances all fitness needs: cardio, strength, and mind/body. Each class is limited to just 5 people. Learn More

Weight Loss Program

Smart Workout's 3 prong approach to weight loss: nutritional education, exercise pedagogy, and motivational counseling, is a comprehensive support system, addressing all needs for a successful and healthy weight loss. Learn more

Fitness Vacations

Our all-inclusive, fully escorted healthy escapes, combine exercise classes, spa services, wellness education, low calorie meals, and "fitness excursions" to the quintessential attractions of New York City! Learn more

See a video of our original award winning class, Airopes TW .

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Club Business International
IHRSA March 2013
Exercise and Exploration Mingle in NYC

"Millions of tourist from around the world make the pilgrimage to New York City to see the sights each year. They return home with wonderful memories and, all to often, extra unwanted pounds - from all of that irresistible Big Apple restaurant fare. Now, a midtown Manhattanfitness facility has come up with a solution.

Smart Workout offers a series of "travel packages" that, in addition to workouts, also include trips to the city's famous landmarks......"
see Full Article here

NY Magazine

New York Magazine, Best of New York 2013 | Health & Self
Portion Control

Downsized fitness classes for the crowd-adverse.

"Airopes TW
Boredom is not an option when your class of four flits between trampoline hopping and balancing on a crescent- shaped stepper, while intermittently swinging a pair of Airopes (resistance-raising rubber balls attached to cushioned handles). The big carrot in the little-of-this-little-of-that workout ($275 for ten classes)? Kelly Ripa arms."

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Centric TV
CultureList Show Ep. 110

February 2013

Singer/songwriter Vivian Green (who portrayed Billie Holiday performing the Holiday classic "Love for Sale" in the Oscar-nominated Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely) joined model and celebrity personality Jasmine Sanders for a workout at Smart Workout recently. read more for photos and video

CentricTV CultureList Ep. 110

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Get Fit News
Class Action: CATCH SOME AIR

shape magazine smart workout airopes
The benefits of jumping rope are hard to beat - until you add fun tools. That's the idea behind Airopes TW, a class at Smart Workout Fitness center in New York City that uses Airopes (cushioned handles with a rubber ball attached to the end.), dumbells, a trampoline, and a C-shaped step called the Wave. read more

Wrinkle Rehab: The Ultimate Natural Facelift
ABC News
Bianna Golodryga tracks new form of yoga that targets your face.

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Who doesn’t love a vacation?

While everyone enjoys days off, holidays can mean packing on extra pounds – which makes getting back to your normal routine even more difficult. But what if you actually lost some weight while away, while having a fantastic time? That’s the concept behind Smart Workout Fitness Vacation.
The brainchild of Elaine Platt, Smart Workout Fitness Vacation takes place at the gym’s midtown base in Manhattan, and incorporates engaging workout classes, healthfully fulfilling meals and sightseeing all together for a holiday that will leave you feeling both physically and mentally revived......


The Experience

Surprisingly, the dining is divine; 400 calorie meals at Smart Fitness are served in three to five courses that leave you feeling satisfied; in a session I attended, an example of lunch was a delicious chopped salad, salmon with sushi sauce, roasted asparagus, sweet potato, shrimp with cocktail sauce and two mini rice cakes with banana slices and peanut butter. Dinners are arranged at well-known NYC restaurants and feature indulgent foods like lobster, in cooking preparations that fall within your allotted caloric intake for the day.....Classes never contain more than about four people, so the experience is very personalized, with each instructor able to pay attention to your form and progress through each class.....
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The New York Observer
September 3, 2012
Special Quarterly Travel Advertising Supplement | Fall 2012, pg 15

Air-Ropes TW
Smart Workout

Imagine a jump rope class without the high-impact or the whiplash. If you want truly toned arms, Air-Ropes TW is the workout for you. Smart Workout, located in Midtown on 40th street between Park and Lexington, offers an escape from the factory-like experience of the typical NYC gym. Founded by Elaine Platt in 2007, Smart Workout makes offers classes limited to six participants creates a warm, at-home atmosphere - and you can guarantee that everyone will know your name.
Come September, Smart Workout is featuring its brand new class, Air Ropes TW. The "TW" is a double entendre for Total Workout and more

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Midtown gym works out slimfast staycations featuring city sightseeing
Smart Workout offers classes and gourmet fare, and evenings combine fun and fitness
MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012, 6:00 AM

fitness vacation_dailynews_smartworkout
Fitness getaways are the perfect fix for travelers worried about packing on extra pounds. But once you factor in airfare, tips and taxes, some health-centered escapes can take a huge bite out of your budget.
So midtown gym Smart Workout has come up with a compromise: a series of all-inclusive fitness staycation packages that put guests on a workout regimen while taking advantage of the city's cultural landmarks......
see full article at Daily News Monday August 27, 2012 pg 34/35

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"Row" Your Way to a Better Body May 5, 2012
Health by By Kristyna Kane

Get ready to row your way into killer shape. Call it the comeback kid of cardio equipment: The old-school rower is back, and this most underrated machine in the gym is now the main focus of many of the city's best fitness options.
Working every major muscle group, the rower burns serious calories - 400 to 800 in a 45-minute class. So grab your paddle and get rowing........
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